Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety


August 16, 2017


A partial solar eclipse will occur on August 21, between 8:21-10:13 a.m. Alaska time. As viewed from Alaska, about half the sun will be covered at the eclipse maximum. This timeframe is when the majority of ASD’s elementary school students will be getting ready for, and arriving at school. It is important that children understand that they should not look directly at the sun without taking safety precautions.


To view the eclipse safely, use pinhole projection: with your back to the sun, focus the sun's rays through a pinhole punched in a paper, onto another paper or flat surface. A pinhole camera can also be created with one's own fingers by interlocking them into a mesh pattern and focusing the sun's rays through the gaps between fingers.


For further details on how to safely view the eclipse, see this fact sheet from NASA.

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