State of Alaska releases AMP results


November 9, 2015



Contact: Heather Roach

ASD Communications

Phone: (907) 742-4151




Test scores from the State of Alaska’s new assessment, Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP), were publically released today. AMP replaced the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) and unlike the SBAs, was administered on computers for the first time in the spring of 2015 for students in grades 3-10.


“We are just now receiving this data from the state and our instructional leadership team will begin the process of data analysis,” said Superintendent Ed Graff.


ASD outperformed the state median score in every grade level in English language arts and math. Statewide and district-level reports are available on the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development’s website at this link


The AMP test is very different from the SBAs. AMP is based on more rigorous standards. AMP scores and SBA scoresare not comparable because these two assessments measure different standards, have different items and use different scoring. Therefore, this year’s scores will act as a baseline.


“The AMP assessment is one of several tools the district uses to measure a student’s abilities,” said Graff. “We remain steadfast in our commitment and practice that all students should have access to challenging content. My message to parents is, no matter how your child did this year, I want you to know that we are working hard to ensure every student grows academically each year.”


Parents will receive both an English language arts and a math score report for each child who took the AMP test. Printed reports will be mailed in December or early January when ASD receives them from the state.



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