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Arlene Sandberg named 2006 Alaska Teacher of the Year

November 8, 2005

The following news release was issued on Sunday by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development. Congratulations to Arlene Sandberg from Mountain View Elementary School, the 2006 Alaska Teacher of the Year. Arlene is now in the running for National Teacher of the Year. Kudos also to Linda Julliard from Aquarian Charter School, who is the alternate Alaska Teacher of the Year. Linda would serve as Teacher of the Year if Arlene is later named as National Teacher of the Year.

Commissioner Roger Sampson
Department of Education
& Early Development
801 W. Tenth Street, Suite 200
Juneau, Alaska 99801-1894

Date: November 6, 2005

More information: Helen Mehrkens, Alaska Teacher of the Year Coordinator, 465-8730; or Eric Fry, Information Officer, 465-2851.

N • E • W • S     R • E • L • E • A • S • E

Arlene Sandberg (center) with Anchorage School Board members

Arlene Sandberg named 2006 Alaska Teacher of the Year
Alaska’s 2006 Teacher of the Year is Arlene Sandberg, who teaches English as a second language at Mountain View Elementary School in Anchorage.

Commissioner Roger Sampson announced the appointment of Sandberg in Anchorage today at the annual conference of the Association of Alaska School Boards. Her term begins January 1, 2006.

“Arlene exemplifies the many Alaska teachers who make a positive difference in children’s lives,” Commissioner Sampson said. “Teaching in a school with a diverse student body, many from low-income families, Arlene has been an integral part of Mountain View’s wonderful growth in English proficiency. Arlene believes in the innate goodness of her students, and she provides them with a safe and nurturing environment.”

Sampson also announced that Linda Julliard, who teaches grades three and four at Aquarian Charter School in Anchorage, is the alternate Alaska Teacher of the Year. Julliard would serve in the position if Sandberg is named National Teacher of the Year.

Sandberg has taught for 26 years, including seven in her present position. She also has taught in Virginia, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Sandberg holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Kansas State University and a master’s degree in special education from Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts.

Linda Julliard (left) and Superintendent Carol Comeau

Sandberg said she became a teacher because as a child she appreciated that school was a safe place to be. The teachers “were wonderful role models in my life. They made me believe in myself. What better gift than to become a teacher and be a role model for students,” Sandberg said in her application to be Alaska Teacher of the Year.

Sandberg said she sees herself as the voice and advocate for her students with limited English proficiency whose parents might not have enough oral skills to speak on their behalf.

“Their parents knew that in my classroom they would be safe, given the highest quality education and their culture would be respected and celebrated. We spoke the same language when it came to the future of their children,” Sandberg said.

Sandberg’s students have made outstanding progress in gaining proficiency in English. Many spend one to three years in her learning center and afterward spend all their instructional time in regular classes. She follows the progress of those who still live in Anchorage.

Commissioner Sampson will enter Sandberg as the Alaska candidate for the 2006 National Teacher of the Year competition

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