Making a Difference for Kids - Anchorage School District Employee Recognition Program


In recognition of outstanding service, the Anchorage School District is proud to present these staff members with Denali employee recognition awards.

Winter 2005

Photo of Gail Opalinski

Photo of Julie Bryant

Photo of James Spartz

Gail Opalinski
Middle School Education
Executive Director
Julie Bryant
Scenic Park Elementary Teacher
James Spartz
King Career Center
Health Occupations instructor

Photo of Bonnie Vaughn

Photo of Maryann Lisenby

Photo of Jeanne Hackenberger

Bonnie Vaughn
West High School
Career Technology teacher
Maryann Lisenby
King Career Center
Administrative Assistant
Jeanne Hackenberger
East High School
Financial Data Control Clerk

Team Award

Photo of Service High’s Seminar School faculty

Service High’s Seminar School faculty

Back row (l to r): Chad Sant, JP Tarbath, Mike Maulding, and Jeff Bassett. Front row (l to r): Matt Fiorentino, Kelly Webster, Jennifer Palmisano, Mary Rita Ely, Gail Ito and Jane Erkmann.

Congratulations to all nominees


  • Jeanne Allen, Training & Professional Development
  • Theodis Austin, South High
  • Ann LaRue, Goldenview Middle School
  • Cindy LeLake, Mears Middle School
  • Pahoua Ly, Bartlett High
  • Denise Martinez, West High
  • Celeste Tischer, North Star Residential Treatment Center


  • Cheryl Huber, West High Student Services Assistant Principal


  • Aquarian Charter School Staff
  • ARS Development Team
  • Fire Lake Elementary Special Education Team
  • Safe & Drug Free Schools
  • West High’s Air Force JROTC Instructors
  • West High’s Language Arts Department staff