Language Arts    Lindsay Watson
Social Studies    Natalie Moten
Science     David Patterson

Marie Curie
Language Arts   Julie Greer
Social Studies   Kevin Harris   
Science    Royce Zometsky

Language Arts    Emily Smith
Writing     Mara Ostroot
Science    Heather Doncaster
Special Education     Ashshanta Swisher

8th Grade Math Team:
Sara Stephens
Randolph Marsh
Stephanie Campbell   Stephanie Campbell


Teams: In order to provide a supportive student-centered environment, ASD middle schools are made up of teams of teachers and students. Students belong to a team whose teachers provide the core academic subjects. The team structure enables teachers to personally monitor the progress of the students on their team.

Blocked time: middle school teams are able to make use of blocked team time to schedule longer instructional blocks for labs and projects or to allow for special events such as field trips.

Team planning: middle school teachers have team planning time that allows them to jointly develop instructional units, plan team activities, and monitor student progress.

Elective programs: middle schools offer a variety of standard elective subjects and some special alternative electives that depend upon student/parent interest and staff availability. These non-traditional courses are usually one quarter in length and are designed to catch the interest and imagination of the middle school student.