Shane Inch , Assistant Principal Clark Middle School
     (907) 742-4724

Welcome back to a new school year! I want to extend a particularly special welcome to those of you who are first-time middle school parents -- you have an exciting three years ahead! Middle school is a very special time, with tremendous growth for kids, socially, intellectually, and physically. Please contact me or feel free to stop in at any time with questions and/or concerns.

Assistant Principal for
Grades 7 and 8

8th Plato
8th Marie Curie
8th Socrates
7th Peratrovich
6-8 Beethoven

Korrinne Engstrom , Assistant Principal Clark Middle School
     (907) 742-7724

Assistant Principal for
Grades 6 and 7

6th Barbara McClintock
6th Aristotle
6th Dr. Charles Drew
7th Galileo
7th Sir Isaac Newton