Clark counselors facilitate successful transitions for all our students by collaborating with families, students and teachers to foster a teaching & learning community.

To achieve its goals Clark counselors provide effective guidance counseling services to students and parents; as well as work toward integrating best practices in social and emotional aspects of learning. We are an integral part of the data assessment team within our school and district; we help coordinate resources to assist students; as counselor we serve our student and their families by acting as liaisons between teachers, specialist and families.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Falcon Counseling Staff

Counseling Program and Testing Coordinator
Ghislaine Gillespie     742-7770
If you are unable to locate/speak with your assigned counselor Ms. Gillespie is available to support and work with students and families.

6th Grade: Candice Roberson    742-7773 
Team Barbara McClintock
Team Aristotle
Team Dr. Charles Richard Drew

7th grade:  Joyce Kim    742-7771
Team Galileo Galilei
Team Issac Newton
Team Elizabeth Perotrovich

8th Grade:  Alfonso Grubbs    742-7772
Team Socrates
Team Marie Curie
Team Plato

Deaf & Hard of Hearing:  Christie Westmann  
Special Education:  Ashshanta Swisher     742-0625
Special Education IEP Clerical: Sarah Andrews     742-7781
Indian Education: Kelsey Saakvitne    742-4725

Psychologist: Kaitlyn Lauretta 742-4742     742-4742
Speech: Faith Ridgeway     742-7775
Cultural Liaison: Mr. Lalofau [Fau] Leifi     742-7766
Technology Expert Electronic Portfolio:
Craig Kasemodel    742-7779