ASD Title VII Indian Education Program supports schools as they provide opportunities for Native student to meet and exceed academic and cultural standards. We also seek to assist families with navigating our schools across the district.

Title VII and Native Education
ASD's Title VII Indian Education Program has staff in schools across the district who concentrate their efforts on academic assistance, counseling and cultural enrichment. We receive funding from two sources: the U.S. Department of Education under Title VII - Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native Education and from the Anchorage School District for Native Education.

What services are provided by the Indian Education Program?
  • Academic tutoring
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Native language studies
  • Counseling
  • Career and post secondary training exploration
Community Classes, Professional Development, Workshop Schedules

How does the Indian Education provide support to ASD personnel?
Classes, offered through Alaska Pacific University or University of Alaska Anchorage for credit, are one way we reach teachers with new materials and information. Title VII, Indian Education staff members are also available to speak at teacher meetings, staff training and other gatherings. Our library/resource center is full of books, media, materials and ideas for activities that can be presented in the classroom. Finally, we review many new materials, both media and in print, for their sensitivity and accuracy.

Information used on this page is from Anchorage School District Title VII Indian Education website.