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Letter to Parents

January 8, 2006

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am writing to notify you that Dimond High School will start first period 45 minutes later each MONDAY morning, beginning January 30, 2006.

This is the modified schedule that I have discussed in our newsletters and during parent-teacher conferences. Beginning January 30, first period classes on Mondays will start at 8:15, 45 minutes later than usual. School buses will run at their regular time and the school will open at the regular time even though first period starts later. School will also end at the usual time, 2:00.

This plan will enable students to gain 45 minutes of tutorial and homework support before first period. Teachers will gain 45 minutes of collaborative staff development which will also benefit students.

If your student chooses to arrive earlier than 8:00 on Monday, he/she will participate in tutoring and homework support provided by teachers in the auditeria, commons and library. Breakfast will also be available in the auditeria.
We recommend that all students be in the building by 8:05 to access their lockers and start first period on time at 8:15.

I truly appreciate the input and strong support from students, staff and parents throughout first semester. Over 80% of the parents surveyed at parent-teacher conferences favored this Monday initiative.

We will continue to collect ideas and suggestions this semester to continue to improve our services next year. Please let us know how this modification works for you and your student.

I have attached the new Monday bell schedule to this letter and will give you a reminder phone call on Friday, January 27.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Dimond High School.



Cheryl M. Guyett

Monday Bell Schedule

9th Grade
10th-12th Grades
Teacher collaboration/
Student Tutorial
7:15-8:00 Teacher collaboration/
Student Tutorial
Students released to lockers 8:00 Students released to lockers 8:00
Period 1 8:15-8:58
Period 1 8:15-8:58
Period 2 9:04-9:47
Period 2 9:04-9:47
Period 3 9:53-10:37
Period 3 9:53-10:37
Lunch 10:37-11:17
Period 4 10:43-11:31
Period 4 11:23-12:11
Lunch 11:31-12:11
Period 5 12:17-1:09
Period 5 12:17-1:09
Period 6 1:15-2:00 Period 6 1:15-2:00

Monday Morning Opportunity for Seniors

In order to assist seniors in compiling their Senior Portfolios, Shirley Reeves, Career Resource Advisor, is available at a table in Dimond’s student commons, on our late start Mondays. This would be a great time to get those nagging questions about the portfolio answered, look at a sample portfolio to make sure you are on the right track or to get more information on scholarship opportunities. Portfolios are a great tool, whether they are used to apply for scholarships, post-secondary schools, apartments or jobs. The information students will need will all be in one place and easily accessible. We encourage all seniors to put one together.


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