Inupiaq Dolls

Jazmin, grade 3


This doll was made by Helen Slwooko Carius.

Inupiaq dolls are cool. Sometimes they have animal skins on them or fur. They might have beads on them. Some may have real hair on them, or fake hair. Sometimes you can go to a museum or a store to look at or buy them.

There are two museums in Anchorage:The Anchorage Museum of History and Art, and the National Bank of Alaska Heritage Museum. Both of them have very beautiful dolls.

A lot of dolls are very delicate. Some dolls have antique faces made out of ivory, glass or different kinds of pretty stones that are melted together. There are a lot of different faces on the dolls. Some kinds of dolls have hands like their faces. Dolls can be very old. Families sometimes pass dolls down from person to person.

This doll is from National Bank of Alaska Heritage Museum.


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