Family PowerPoint Presentation

You will be creating a presentation about your family using PowerPoint. Directions are below.

•You must have a title slide with a background and the title in WordArt. Here is an example, although you do not need to have a picture on it.

•You must have 5 slides on family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, pets, etc.). Each slide must contain:

  1. The first fact is who the person is in relation to you.
  2. An interesting fact (not just "She is nice" but "She bakes cookies for me.").
  3. Another interesting fact.

Here are some examples:

*Real pictures of family members are preferable and may be emailed, scanned, or brought in on a cd, thumb drive or memory card.

Here is the grading rubric:

Grading Rubric
Title slide using WordArt 5
WordArt Titles on all informational slides 5
Backgrounds on all slides 5
Pictures on all slides 5
3 interesting facts per slide 5
Animations (applied to all objects on each slide) 5
Slide transitions on all slides 5
Music 5
Video Clip 5
Total Points 45