Government Hill First Grade



I am very impressed with the progress the students are making on Lexia.  Remember, you can always work on Lexia at home.


Read, Read, Read!!!!


The number of reading homework cards being returned has dramatically decreased.  It is crucial that your child read every day.  It only takes  10-15 minutes and  makes a huge impact on your child’s reading skills.   

Try to focus on the enjoyment in reading and

read with your child.

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     Junior Theater Field Trip

                             Mr. Harris  &  Srta. Rodriguez


   Upcoming Events


       April 10

   Spring Picture Day

           April 12

     Spring Cultural Fair

  La Raspa presentation


           April 15

     Bear and Moose       

  Safety  from Alaska          

     Fish and Game

           April  22

    Going on a Bear Hunt 

       field trip at the

  Performing Arts Center.

           April  22

          Earth Day



We still have a need for peanut-free snacks.   We greatly appreciate any snack you are able to provide the students.

     Field Trip

The classes will be going on a field trip to the Performing Arts Center on April 22.  We will watching “Going on a Bear Hunt”.

The cost will be $8 per child and adult.  Unfortunately, we have a limited number of tickets and can only take the first three parents that have returned their permission slip and have paid.

              March  Photos

    March photos have been updated.

                                                        Student Birthdays

We will celebrate each child’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and having the student pick a book and bookmark from our gift box. At the end of the month our birthday students are allowed to bring treats for the entire class.    Students with April birthday are welcome to bring treats on Thursday, April 24. 

                Jacob   Keyiona   Miranda  Alex   Hope   Shayne   Madyson   Yaelis   Makayla   Noah

                          Spring Fever

The additional daylight and warmer temperatures are making it a harder for the students to concentrate in the classroom.  Please remind your child about the importance of giving their best effort while in school.  We still have  many new academic skills we are working on and a many more days of school.