Government Hill First Grade

                                        Mr. Harris 



Skills to continue working on over the summer...

*Basic addition and subtraction facts to 20

The basic addition and subtraction facts are all the combinations of 1-digit numbers (2+2, 6+9, 8+4, etc.) and the corresponding subtraction exercises (18-9, 7-4, etc.). To you, these are probably automatic. You don't need to think about them because you've memorized the answers. That immediate command is what you're striving to teach your chid.

*Counting on and counting back 

For facts such as 9+1 or 7+2, you can count on from the greater number. Similarly, for facts such as 6 – 1, you can count back. (Counting back is often harder to master than counting on.)

*Doubles and doubles plus or minus 1

Doubles facts are usually easy to remember and can be used to learn other facts. Since

8 + 8 = 16,  then we know 8 +8 +1 will be one more than 16, or 17.  Similarly, if

8 + 8 = 16,  then we know 8 +8 -1 will be one  less than 16, or 15.

*Related Facts

A fact family is a group of related facts using the same numbers. One example would be 4 + 3 = 7,  3 + 4 = 7,   7 – 3 = 4, and 7 – 4 = 3. Fact families are a very powerful tool for mastering facts; once you know one fact in a family, you can work out the other facts in the same family. Fact families are also useful for solving problems with missing addends, such as 4 + __ = 7.


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    Last Day of 1st Grade

      Upcoming Events

May 6

Habitat Day

May 7

Junior Achievement Day

May 8

Spanish Spelling Bee

May 8

White T-Shirts needed

May 12

Tie Dye T-shirts

May 15

Field Day

May 21

Potluck Lunch 12:00


Ice Cream Social 1:30


Last Day of School

May 22



       Potluck Lunch

Our potluck lunch will be held on the last day of school.  Please sign up to provide a food item for the class.  Lunch will be served at 12:00 and all families are invited.  We hope you are able to make it.  This is always a fun event.

                                                         Student Birthdays

We celebrate each child’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and having the student pick a book and bookmark from our gift box.  Please do not send treats on your child’s birthday.  Instead, we will celebrate all of our May and July birthdays on Friday, May 15. During this celebration all of the April and June birthday children are allowed to bring treats for our classes. 

Our birthdays kids are: 

    Tasi, Paulina, Taizano, Mia, Kyra, Lorena, Myles, Miguel C., Carlos, Victoria


This is truly the time of year when reading starts to “click” for most 1st grade students.  Please have your child read everyday.  Your child’s confidence and fluency in their reading will grow quickly with added practice, encouragement and support.

Read, read, read........

        Tie Dye T-Shirts

We will be making tie  dye t-shirts on Tuesday, May 12.  In order to get the t-shirts ready for the dye, we need to have them turned in by May 8. 

If you are able to volunteer on May 12, we could use the extra help.  We will begin the project at 12:30.  Thanks!