Government Hill First Grade

                           Mr. Harris  &  Srta. Rodriguez




Our new key math components this month are:

                                      greater than  >

                                      less than  <           

                                      equals to  =


                                 10 less than a number    

                               (what is ten less than 25?)


                                 10 more than a number    

                               (what is ten more than 25?)


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          Spring Break

      Upcoming Events

March 6

End of 3rd Quarter


March 8

Daylight Saving Time

March 9-13

Spring Break


March 16

Aesop Bop Field Trip

March 17

St. Patrick’s Day

March 21

First day of Spring

March 27

Birthday Celebrations


        AESOP BOPS

Our final field trip of the year is scheduled for Monday, March 16.  This will be another Junior Theater performance.  The cost is $8 per ticket.  Check your Thursday Folder for more information regarding show times and chaperoning opportunities.  

                              Ice Skating at Recess

The ice is in bad shape and it looks like ice skating will probably be done for the year.  If your child borrowed ice skates please return them to school.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped tie skates before recess.

                                        RAZ-KIDS and Lexia

All students now have their Raz-Kid and Lexia passwords to use at school and home.   Take advantage of these programs if your child has access to a computer at home.

                                                         Student Birthdays

We will celebrate each child’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and having the student pick a book and bookmark from our gift box.  Please do not send treats on your child’s birthday.  Instead, we will celebrate all of our March birthdays on Friday, March 27. During this celebration all of the March birthday children are allowed to bring treats for our classes. 

Our March birthdays are: 

    Allen        Marlon        Carter Protzman        Macey        Marcos  

      February Photos

We now have our February class photos uploaded to our Class Albums page.  Click on the February album to see some of the activities your child did last month