The purpose of the Eagle Academy SBRC Grades Workbook is to enable classroom teachers to :

  • simply and easily track student mastery of Language Arts and Math academic standards.
  • view and print individual or whole-class progress reports with minimal effort.
  • view at-a-glance strengths and weaknesses in whole-class achievement.
  • have the ability to define and edit all aspects of standards achievement and report output.


Skill Requirements

In order to use the SBRC Grades Workbook system, teachers must be able to:

  • enter data in simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • navigate through multiple spreadsheet pages by clicking on tabs or links
  • use basic Mail Merge functions of Microsoft Word to run or print reports.



Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found here.



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Grade 4
Grade 1
Grade 5
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Grade 6
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Grade 7