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College Research

Higher Education Considerations
1. Admission criteria - do you fit?
2. Program description - does it get you where you want to go?
3. Location - is it somewhere you want to live?
4. Environment - does it feel like a good fit?
5. Cost - can you afford it? (See next column)
6. Graduation rate - do most students complete the program?
7. Career placement - do most students find work?
8. Social Life - do the extracurriculas fit for you?

College Vale
One of the most comprehensive sites you will find covering everything

ASD College/Career Readiness

Alaska Career Information System    (AKCIS)     

College Board Big Future

Frontier Tutoring
free 45 minute consultation on colleges that fit for you.

Peterson's Guide

CollegeBound Search Network

The Common Application

US News College Rankings

My Majors

Information on Majors

Virtual Campus Tours

SAT/ACT Testing

The A.C.T.

The S.A.T.

Summary of Test Prep Options

Frontier Test Prep
(best in Anchorage)

Edsortium Test Prep

EKnowledge Test Prep
Material Discount Code

Kaplan Test Prep

Princeton Review TestPrep

Method Test Prep
Enter Referral Code: tkn.42415647
for free test mateials

Holy Rosary Test Prep
48 hour course meeting Saturdays

Frontier Test Prep
Face-to-face test prep workshops

Dome SAT Free Test Prep

Revolution Test Prep

Financial Aid Information

Steps to pay for college:
1. Research college costs and realistic possibilities
2. Discuss family contribution
3. Research possible scholarships
4. Complete the FAFSA (January)
5. Complete all financial aid forms from schools
6. Review your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)
7. Review your financial aid award letter
8. Investigate loan sources
9. Determine if costs merit your school choice
10. Continue to pursue scholarship possibilities

Alaska Performance Scholarship

UA Scholars Program

ASD Comprehensive Scholarship List

ASD Scholarship Portfolio

Polaris Scholarship Bulletin

UAA Scholarships

Western Undergraduate Exchange

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA Assistance

FinAid Tuition Information

My Scholly Ap

My College Dollars

Fastweb Scholarship Search

Merit Aid Scholarships

Simple Tuition Loans

Collegiate Sports

NCAA Information

NCAA Eligibility

NAIA Information

NJCAA (Junior College Athletics)

Career Training

Alaska Bible College

Career Academy

Charter College

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