4rd   Quarter 2017

Mr. Thompson’s 5th Hour Business Education Class



3/23– Do an article review.  Learning requires reading and synthesizing information.  I have compiled a list of appropriate articles and shared them with you on Google Docs.  If you did not receive the invite, please let me know ASAP!  If none of these are interest you, you may pick an article from MSN, CNN, Reuters, TCSM, or ADN, but you must get it approved by me first.  Read the article and follow the format to receive your credit.  Please share this with me on Google Docs.  See my example here and rubric here! (25 Points)


Having Trouble Finding an article?  Here…I found you one!

Wiki LeaksSuper Bowl HistoryShortest RailroadGlobal WarmingPanda Goes HomeFlying CarsRobotsTasty TomatoesDrone TaxisAncient InsectsLarge Ancient Otters

Evil HamstersGerms Power BatteriesNew Solar System FoundCool JobsYour Gadgets are Spies



3/31 - Make a resume and ask for one letter of recommendation.  Use the on-line resume builder here!  If you don’t like this format, make your own!  See my example of a request for a letter of recommendation here!  Please make sure you complete your resume first, and I have seen your request for a letter of recommendation before you send it out!  You are not being graded that you actually get the letter, but you will be graded on the process of asking.  You are expected to complete a resume.  Your information should be accurate and truthful.  

 (70 Points)

 Student Resume 1 / Student Resume 2



4/05 – Go to Survey Monkey, register, and make a survey for your peers. I have shared a document with you on Google Docs.  Post your survey there, and please take your classmates survey’s as well.  Use that date to create a graph using the program “Excel.”  See below.  (10 Points)


4/07- Excel Survey Picture Graph.  Conduct a brief survey that includes at least 10 possible outcomes.  Example, “What is your favorite holiday?”  You must question at least 25 people.  Graph your results using the program Excel.  The graph must include a title, pictures, and an explanation.  Learn how to make it here!  See my example here!  (20 Points)


4/21 – “How To” Video.  This video should be around three to four minutes.  Your video should teach us some skill or action.  You should include an opening, transitions, music (optional), three to four minutes of edited video, and credits.  Make sure you finish your video and post it in our business education folder.  Please go to \\gvfs01\GROUPS\Student_Shared\Business Education F15\Keep Files - Hands of T!\How to video  to see previous examples  (This can only be accessed on an ASD computer). Click here for Rubric. (50 Points)



5/1– Scratch Program.  Pick a scratch project from: http://www.funwithscratch.org/  and save it into your folder.  While this is a fun project, you really need to pick one and stay with it until it is completed.   I suggest you pick the one on making a game.  (30 Points)

Make a Pong Game  -  Make a Pac Man GameMake a Space GameMake a Sports GameMake a Racing GameAnother Racing GameMake a Maze GameMake a Riddle Game



5/19– Final CHOICE Project.  Make a website, video, or power point.  Pick a project that is interesting and fun for you.  Show your computer skills and put some time and effort into your project.  One idea would be to make a video for the video awards.  The categories are Comedy, Sports, Animation/Claymation, Drama/Thriller, or other.  Make it fun and engaging.  E-mail Mr. Thompson Thompson_steve@asdk12.org with your idea for approval before you begin!

(50 Points)




All Quarter – Part of your time in class should be spent on improving your typing through “Typing Master.”  Your ultimate goal should be to type at 50 wpm at a 95% accuracy.  Once you reach this goal and can prove it to me, I will leave you alone.  To reach this goal, you should be practicing all semester.  We will type for 15 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all quarter.  Every Friday we will take a five minute timed test to see how you are improving.  (135 points)



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