Google Docs

The Anchorage School District has set up Google Docs accounts for all staff and students in the district. These accounts are separate from those created by individuals, although one can share documents back and forth.

This is arguably a 'paradigm-shifting' application for teachers who wish to have their students work on documents/projects in collaborative ways. It is easy to set up groups of students (whole class, partial-, or twosy-threesies – students can also set up documents and share them with other students and staff) with access to Google word, spreadsheet, and presentation documents, as well as other documents that are uploaded. Students can access these documents from any computer with an internet connection (from home or school, macintosh, windows, or linux). There are no advertisements nor non-ASD stuff in it.

Most everything can be found on Ed Tech's Google Doc Instruction Page

To log in, click here (or look for the link on at the top of the main SAHS page or the right of Tryon's Tech Page)

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