ASD Google Docs

This is arguably a 'paradigm-shifting' application for teachers who wish to have their students work on documents/projects in collaborative ways. It is easy and secure (sort of) to set up groups of students (whole class, partial-, or twosy-threesies – students can also set up documents and share them, something that teachers should be aware of) with access to Google word, spreadsheet, and presentation documents, as well as other documents that you upload. Students can access them from any computer with an internet connection (from home or school, macintosh, windows, or linux). There are no advertisements nor non-ASD stuff in it.

I will be rewriting this page over the next few weeks as things come up, but most everything can be found on Ed Tech's Google Doc Instruction Page

To log in, click here (or look for the link on at the top of the main SAHS page or the right of Tryon's Tech Page)

The links below will take you to spreadsheets that allow a teacher to convert Zangle attendance rosters to Google Doc Groups. Instructions are included in the spreadsheets. [Status: 12/3/2010 - I've tested these with limited datasets, but not seen multiple teachers use it yet. I would like to make these work smoothly - feedback on problems would be appreciated.]

What I would do: I'd go through my five classes and take the extra effort to make a Group in my Contacts for each class. Then when I went to share out a document, I'd start with the Group and then either select 'All' or pick the students that I wanted from the group. I would keep the group current by adding students manually as they transferred into my class.

Links: (I started with one file that did 'everything for everybody' but decided that it was too confusing...)

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