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My Special Projects:

Handwriting Without Tears

     ASD began adopting Handwriting Without Tears in 2007 beginning with Kindergarten.
Each year, a new grade is added to eventually support grades K-6. Special Education has also provided additional curriculum to special education preschool classrooms.


Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) was developed by Jan Olsen who is an Occupational Therapist. (OT) HWT has simplified writing elements and instructions while continuing to use traditonal methods. HWT teaches that students will learn basic foundation elements of writing and eventually add their own style.

     Some of the criteria the curriculum comittee looked at for a comprehensive handwriting program includes thefollowing:
1) Left-handed instruction is not an “add on” but rather clearly
supported with strategies for the teacher and the student.
2) Strategies for teaching handwriting in the primary and
intermediate grades are developmentally appropriate.
3) Cursive strokes are introduced by grade 3 and supported
with review and practice in grades 4 – 6.
4) The “scope and sequence” introduces and supports a
comprehensive approach to teaching handwriting skills from K-6.
5) Handwriting instruction is integrated in the literacy block.
6) Blackline masters/practice sheets are re-usable.

     Do we currently possess adequate resources to teach
handwriting skills, K-6?
(HM is a resource, but not adequate for comprehensive handwriting
instruction. Additionally, there are no instructional materials for
grades 4-6. HM does not have a scope or sequence and lessons are
not integrated in the teacher’s manual.


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