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Information below and in this section was compiled in response to discussions about school start times from 2002-03.

Should school start times change?

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Research indicates that high school students require an average of 9 hours of sleep per night and most do not feel sleepy until 11 pm (for biological, not behavioral reasons); middle school students have similar sleep requirements. Many districts have changed their school start times to better align the school day with older studentsí most alert hours. At the request of parents and physicians, the Anchorage School District continues to evaluate the pros and cons of changing school starting times.

The district is aware that any schedule change will have far reaching implications for the community. A task force was formed to investigate the various options and public forums were held in February and March 2002 to outline these options and gather feedback. Community input was also gathered via the website and through a mass mailing to all families with children enrolled in ASD schools. Total opinions expressed through these two methods are shown in the table below.

Start Time
  Number Percent Number Percent  
A 180 38 1344 33 1524
B 56 12 685 17 741
C 40 8 326 8 366
D 37 8 511 13 548
E 91 19 451 11 542
F 72 15 726 18 798
TOTALS 476 100 4043 100 4519