This month we offer another special treat. Stop by the Cafeteria to check out our new dish on April 26th. We are offering a mediterranean meal; A chicken curry wrap (Shawarma). Let us know how we did and we hope you enjoy trying out this tasty new meal!

Cool facts: Traditional Shawarma is a Levantine meat prepared on spit (Lamb, chicken, pork, beef are just some meats used), restaurants tend to use a vertical spit, and could be grilled for as long a day. Shavings are then cut off the block of meat when ordered and served with a wrap. Common toppings can include tahini, hummus, amba, or even pickled turnips. 

April 26th new meal

Blood Oranges for a Limited Time As a special  treat, every Thursday in April, the Cafes will be serving Blood Oranges! They are a unique vartiety of orange where the flesh and rind develop a dark red color. 


Cool Fact: The color of Blood Oranges comes from a pigment called  anthocyanin, not commonly found in citrus fruits. This pigment is usually found in red fruits such as strawberries. Blood Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C and Antioxidents!


Join us in the exciting adventure as we try out new items!

Student Nutrition breakfast treat cookie close-upF‌uel Your Day With Breakfast

ASD's Student Nutrition Department shares this healthy breakfast recipe that that's easy to make - and delicious! Parents can learn how to make this recipe with their children at home by watching this one minute video. Baking provides opportunities to show children a practical application of math and fractions.


Read about the educational benefits of breakfast and come eat breakfast with us during testing and exam season.

Crumbled Cookie Cone ice creamCrumbled Cookie Cone

The Crumbled Cookie Cone featured on Valentine's Day will now be available a la carte at High School Cafes for $1.50 or $1.00 as an add on to a reimbursable meal.  Limited to quantity on hand.


A pile of apples and salad cups Lunch Account Balances

You can now get notification when your child’s lunch account balance runs low.

Parents can enter information in Zangle ParentConnection to receive an email or phone call once their child's balance is below the threshold that the parent sets. Once logged in to Zangle, select Online Payments and then Student Balance Notifications.



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Student lunch $3.55 Student lunch $3.95 Student lunch $4.40
Reduced-price lunch 40¢ lunch 40¢ Reduced-price lunch 40¢
Milk 50¢ Milk 50¢ Milk 50¢
Lactose-free milk 75¢  Lactose-free milk 75¢ Lactose-free milk 75¢
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