Earthquake Reporting

  • Since the 7.0 earthquake of November, 2018, ASD has been assessing all 92 facilities, including more than 4,000 classroom learning spaces. We are committed to getting our schools up and running in a safe and deliberate way. ASD is sharing the city’s available resources with businesses, municipal departments, and homeowners as we all recover from November's earthquake.

    This data dashboard will help provide:

    • Overall cost and projected cost for ASD sites
    • Cost by site
    • Projected cost and cost-to-date comparison
    • Projected cost with cost to date reference
    • Costs to date with projected cost target line

Dashboard Definitions

  • Earthquake cost heat mapcost map

    This view shows a map of the ASD area with circles representing cost amounts. Larger circles indicate larger cost projections.

    Detailed cost by siteschool list

    This view shows the cost-to-date and projected cost comparison in a simple table.

    Projected cost and cost to date comparisonscatter map

    This view is a scattermap showing points of data along a cost-to-date axis and a projected cost axis comparatively.

    Projected cost with cost to date referencebar graph

    This view is a bar graph showing projected cost with an indicator of the cost-to-date by school. The black line along the graph signifies the cost-to-date.

    Costs to date with projected cost target linebar graph 2

    Similar to the previous bar graph, this graph shows projected costs indicated by a solid black line, with cost-to-date signified by a solid horizontal blue line per school.

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