• During the 2020  - 2021 school year there are between 700 to 725 students who attend Jane Mears Middle School in grades 7 and 8.  Mears logo


    The Mears mascot is a black panther and our school colors are gold and black.


    Mears Middle School is named after Jane Mears. Mrs. Mears helped to form the first school in Anchorage in 1915. The Pioneer School House is currently an historic building. A biography of Jane Wainwright Mears can be found on the Alaska History website.


  • Steps to Take Before the First Day of School

    on March 15th or 16th




    Are you taking the bus to school? Find your pickup spot, time, and bus number from the district Transportation page. Wait for the map to load.


    Will your parents be dropping you off? Take a look at the driving route map on the Map & Video page to know exactly where to go. All student drop-offs and pick-ups are on the east side of the Mears.



    Bring the minimum number of things with you to school. Your computer, a notebook, and something to write with. Make sure you are prepared for cold weather. You might take nutrition break outside and there is always the possiblity of an evacutation drill.



    Login to Q-StudentConnect to see your 4th quarter schedule.



    Go back to the Map & Video page, scroll to the bottom to find a map of the inside of Mears. The classrooms are labeled with room numbers.


    Mears' staff will be in halls to help students get to where they need to be!


    Welcome Back To School!

  • Teams

    Mears is organized around a middle school, team format. The students of a team generally share the same science, langauge arts, math, and social studies teacher. This gives students a smaller learning community since a team typically consists of only 135 students. A teams' teachers have a specific time period during the day in which to meet together. Some activites that teachers do during this time are: discuss upcoming projects and coordinate curriculum, discuss students who stand out and those who may need additional help, they plan field trips, team events, and more. Use the Team link on the left to see a list of team names and the teachers that contribute to that team.

  • Student Handbook

    The Anchorage School District Middle School Handbook provides students with rules, guidelines, and procedures for many things. All students should read the handbook and be familiar with what it contains. Use the link on the left to access a digital version of the handbook.