Winterberry Hybrid Program

  • child sitting in field Winterberry Hybrid Program serves students in grades K-8 and utilizes a professionally crafted Waldorf-methods curriculum with close support and a variety of parent classes to train and enhance the curriculum delivery by Waldorf-experienced staff.

    Our Hybrid program provides families with a rich, well-supported curriculum, resource materials, instruments and high-quality art supplies needed for parents to successfully deliver the program to their children.

    Community-building and parent collaboration is another main component of this program. There will be many weekly opportunities for parents and students to interact, to get to know one another and build relationships, offer support and PLAY!

    For more information

    Contact Maria Klein 907-742-0139 or email at

    Registration forms are also available at the school’s front desk.


    • Weekly group nature walks.
    • Our Hybrid students may participate in our after-school sports program that includes cross country running, cross-country skiing and track and field.
    • Hybrid parents are offered weekly courses on subjects using Waldorf methods.
    • Our Hybrid students and parents receive support and direction during a private monthly meeting with their certified,sponsor teacher.
    • Families will have the option to gather as a Hybrid group to see drama/dance productions, musical groups, and to go on hikes and field trips together.
    • As a Winterberry Hybrid Program family, you are a part of our greater Winterberry community. We welcome you to our assemblies, our annual Head, Heart and Hands Auction, many seasonal festivals and celebrations. You will receive email, speaker invites and our school newsletter to keep your family informed about the goings on, in and about Winterberry Charter School.

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