College Entrance Exams

  • Some scholarships, including the Alaska Performance Scholarship, and most colleges/universities require you to take either the ACT or SAT entrance exam. Register online for either test by clicking the links (right). Make sure that you schedule your test(s) within the deadlines required for your applications.

    FREE ACT and SAT Practice Tests

    Both Frontier Tutoring and Sylvan Learning Center offer free practice tests as well as prep courses for the SAT and ACT. Contact them directly for more information.


  • ACT

    The ACT national test dates for the 2017-18 school year are: 

    September 9, October 26, December 9, February 10, April 14,  June 9, and July 14. Registration closes about 5 weeks before test date, late registration 3 weeks before. Seniors should plan to take the test in 2017. The February 10th test is the last test which can give you qualify scores for the Alaska Performance Scholarship



    The SAT national test dates for this school year are October 7, November 4, December 2, March 10, May 5 and June 2. Seniors should plan to test in 2017. Registration closes about 4 weeks before test date, late registration 2 weeks before. The March test is the last test which can give you qualifying scores for the APS.