Rilke Schule Inc

  • As a non-profit entity, RSI supports the Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences charter program with capital investment, real property acquisition and property operations management. The Board of Directors for RSI is comprised of parents or direct relatives of children attending Rilke Schule as well as community members. RSI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit and accepts tax-deductible donations.

    Our Mission

    Rilke Schule Inc. will acquire and operate real property for the use and benefit of the publicly accessible Rilke Schule K-8 educational charter program. Non-profit status will allow delivery of facilities for the benefit of the public and learning program below any rate available in the private market, thus allowing use of public money for the benefit of delivering the public charter program.

    Our Vision

    To facilitate the ability of Rilke Schule Charter School to self-determine the growth of the school physical environment to accommodate the learning program by funding and acquisition of property and capital expansion dedicated for this purpose.

    If you are interested in supporting capital expansion and facility operations for our charter program, contact to pledge your support by becoming a Friend of Rilke.

    Contact Us

    To contact RSI, please email us at

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