Rogers Park Highly Gifted Program

  • The Rogers Park HG program strives to challenge students mathematically based on their skills, readiness, and needs. We work to place students at a math level where they will thrive and be challenged while they continue to develop a passion for inquiry into mathematical concepts and ways of thinking.


    Considerations and Process for Math Placement

    1. In the GO Math! Curriculum, critical understandings to overall mathematical development must be considered due to the timing of when concepts are introduced and developed.
    2. Multiple assessments are administered to gather data about each student’s skills, readiness, and needs.
    3. Teacher observations of work habits, persistence, follow through, anxiety under pressure, etc. are considered.
    4. An instructional team of math teachers from the previous year, the next year, and the HG liaison examine the evidence to determine if it provides compelling evidence to move the student to a different level. 


    We want your child to be appropriately challenged so that they can grow as mathematicians.  As we engage in this process, here are some possible issues to consider.

    1. The volume of homework / practice may increase.
    2. More analytical written responses will be expected in the GO Math! Curriculum and beyond.
    3. Students may need to adjust their efforts to meet the higher expectations at the new math level.
    4. Stress from competition with more experienced math peers may arise.
    5. You may initially see some increased anxiety. ie. Some indicators of anxiety may include: sullenness, withdrawn, irritableness, excessive chatter, tearfulness, etc.
    6. More support from parents may be needed.
    7. The middle and high school math curriculum sequence will become a Algebra2 in 8th grade rather than 10th grade
    8. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s math teacher and the HG Liaison sooner than later to explore strategies for support.


    The five tenets of Growth Mindset, research by Carol Dweck, PhD at Stanford, and the 16 Habits of Mind (Costa & Kallick) are invaluable to help students process these natural challenges in learning.  These understandings are part of the SEL curriculum taught to Rogers Park HG students. (See Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind links under SEL section of this website.)                                                                                                                                                                 

    Date  _________________                                                        

    I understand the process of this placement recommendation and understand that _______________________

    will be provisionally placed in ______________________.

    Progress will be monitored to insure an appropriate placement for successful learning.  A follow-up conference will be scheduled no later than six weeks from the date of placement.


    Parent Name __________________________    Signature  ____________________________                                          

    Instructional Team:

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    Dallas Price        
    HG Liaison