Nurse's Corner

  • Nurse’s Corner

    Greetings! I am Jennifer Latva-Kiskola, School Nurse at Crossroads and Benny Benson.  I came to Crossroads after 2.5 years as the School Nurse at Mears M.S. with 24 years of nursing experience.  My favorite hosital job was the 6 years I spent working with mothers and new born babies at Alaska Regional Hospital. I am thrilled to be able to work with this unique student population.  In addition to my regular school nurse duties, I am also a Certified Trainer of Youth Mental Health First Aid. When I’m not in the community providing this invaluable training, I am able to use these skills with my Crossroads and Benny Benson students and sometimes even their families.  It’s been rewarding to watch and assist our students as they navigate this road toward adulthood.  I look forward to more years here at Crossroads and am available for questions/ concerns by phone at (907)742-2051 or email at  Below are some health office specifics about which you may have questions:

    All students who attend Crossroads must be in compliance for immunizations per Anchorage School District Policy. The following link contains more information regarding this State Regulation.

    Students who plan to bring their babies (ages 4 mos and younger) must provide proof of their child’s immunization compliance as well. Newborns typically receive a Hepatitis B shot at birth, and a 2nd Hep B dose at age 2 months.) Thank you for helping us provide a safe and healthy environment for our students by ensuring immunization compliance.

    Pregnant students who choose to enroll at Crossroads must also submit a ‘Verification of Pregnancy’ with an estimated due date from a healthcare provider.

    All other ASD policies regarding students’ use and access to medication, absences, and other various medical issues are the same as those currently in place at any high school in the Anchorage School District. If you have any questions about any health-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the contact information indicated above. Thank you!