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    The purpose of Steller Parent Group is to enrich the lives of Steller students through the financial support and leadership from all active parents. The Steller Parent Group was established as part of the whole Steller Community. The mission of this group is to promote parent involvement in school activities, to solicit, address, and make recommendations regarding issues facing the Steller Community, and to support fundraising activities and facilitate the disbursement of (those) funds.



    All parents and guardians of Steller students are automatically members of the Steller Parent Group.  Your participation, your voice, and your vote are all essential to the health and effectiveness of this community group.  Students are always welcome to attend and may wish to bring a proposal, a funding request, or to communicate student ideas or concerns.



    Steller Parent Group meets in Ken’s room on the second Tuesday of each month for an hour and a half from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Watch for e-mail announcements via The Flash or watch our website for any updates to our schedule.  You are highly encouraged to come join in the discussion and participate in helping shape our school for the benefit of all our students.



    All e-mails for Steller Parent Group should be sent to:   stellerparentgroup@gmail.com

    All officers of the group automatically receive e-mails forwarded from this address. For a list of current officers, see page 3 of this FAQ document.



    The school office maintains a physical mailbox for the parent group.  You’re welcome to drop donation checks, letters, or any other matters pertaining to the group in this mailbox.  Mail is generally picked up by the Treasurer every other week. If it is a time sensitive mail, please email the group to let us know.



    Steller Parent Group uses MySchoolAnywhere.com to maintain an active directory of students, parents and staff and asks members to update this list each year to aide in the communication and coordination for our events and activities.   Your willingness to share your contact information with the group is greatly appreciated.  Please take the time to enter your families contact information by following this link  http://www.stellerschool712.org/main/online-forms/ .  Your information will not be shared outside of our school community.



    Steller Parent Group maintains this website:  www.stellerschool712.org

    This site is separate from the official website maintained by ASD staff (steller.asdk12.org).  We maintain our own website to allow greater parent access,  flexibility of content, and greater ease of updating information.  Need to add or change something to our website or post an update to The Flash news feed?  E-mail the webmaster at:  webmaster@stellerschool712.org


    The Flash (News)

    Get news and post news using “The Flash”.  Steller uses “The Flash” in addition to ASD’s School Messenger system.   Parents and staff both submit news and school information to be delivered via this daily email update.   To subscribe, visit our website stellerschool712.org and enter your email address on the left hand side of the page.  You will get a confirmation e-mail.  To post school related news, email your article to the webmaster  webmaster@stellerschool712.org


    Bulletin Board

    We now have a dedicated bulletin board space on the wall right next to the Library.  There you will find things like: Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, Agendas, and a notice for upcoming meetings. Check it out the next time you visit.


    We are now on Facebook

    Our facebook group is not only intended to help spread important information but to help facilitate communication between parents and organizers.  We encourage you to join and invite fellow parents at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/stellerparentgroup



    The bylaws of the Steller Parent Group is part of the larger Steller Community Bylaws and can be found by clicking here.



    Steller Parent Group is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and we accept donations to help fund school programs and support our students in many ways.  Checks can be made out to Steller Parent Group and dropped off in the school office.  Credit card donations can be made on our website (stellerschool712.org) or by using the store in your directory account (MySchoolAnywhere.com).  Your donations are tax deductible.



    Co-Chairperson  Randy Gibbs  (Rgibbsak@gmail.com)

    Co-Chairperson: Karen Gillis  (karenlgillis@me.com)

    Treasurer:  Kevin Hedin  (kevin@kevinhedin.com)

    Co-Treasurer:  Vacant Position

    Secretary:  Angie Southwould  (asouthwould@gmail.com)

    Co-Secretary:  Vacant Position

    Communication Director:  Vacant Position

    Fundraising Director:  Kari Hall  (ak@ak.net)

    Webmaster & Flash News:  Judy Francis-Woods (webmaster@stellerschool712.org)

    Facebook Admin:  Vacant Position (currently administered by Kevin Hedin)


    Additional contacts:


    Souper Steller Program Lead:   Emma Kramer (student) and Kari Hall (parent)

    Community Service Program Lead:   Vacant Position (prior lead Victoria Weindel)

    Corporate Donations Lead Contact:  Vacant Position

    Auction Event Coordinator:  Judith Davis (jlevans99516@gmail.com)

    Directory organizer:  Kevin Hedin (kevin@kevinhedin.com)