• Additional elective classes are taught by core subject teachers. Choices are:



    Service Learning: This is a community and school project oriented elective designed to integrate learning experiences from the general school curriculum. The purpose is to make learning and education experiences more immediately relevant and meaningful to learners as well as increase good citizenship for all students.


    History of American Cinema: The history of American Cinema introduces students to the vocabulary, history and critical evaluation/analysis of the movie industry. Students will be exposed to various genres of movies while summarizing and critiquing the productions.


    Recreational Reading: Students who have a passion for literature of alltypes should sign up for this elective where they are surrounded by a variety of exciting books and can see what's new in the publishing world. Students will talk about good books with other who love to read, set personal reading goas, hear novels read aloud by an enthusiastic teacher, become a book buddy, participate in poetry readings, and keep reading journals.