• Rate your meal on the ASD app - we will listen!

    Do you have a favorite hot lunch or breakfast item and wish you could see it on the menu more often? Let us know! Not only can you view upcoming lunch menus on the new app, but you can also get nutrition information and tell us how you feel about your meal. If you love it or don't care for it, let us know - the power is in your hands to influence what's for lunch! 

  • Step 1 Find your School Menu

    • Download and open the ASD app

    apple store - ASD app  google play

    • Trouble downloading? Click here
    • Swipe to Web Menus and select
    • Enter the name of your school, search and select
  • Step 2 Locate the Item

    • Select the date you want to view
    • Select the menu item
    • Review the nutrition Information
    • Scroll to the bottom
  • Step 3 Rate your Item!

    • Scroll all the way to the bottom
    • You will see 5 stars
    • Select the stars to rate your item
      • 1 Star = I don't care for this item
      • 5 Stars = I love this item
  • find your menu and rate your lunch