• We are excited to announce our summer academy will be returning face-to-face! We will still have virtual options available as well for our participants to choose from. 



    The ASDSA Catalog will go live tentatively the week of April 14th. To help ensure a smooth registration process and prevent delays, check your UAA registration eligibility and update your student status as needed:               

    View your registration eligibility on UAOnline

                  •   Student Services & Account Information  >  Registration  >  Check Your Registration Eligibility.             

    If UAOnline indicates your student status prevents registration, you must apply for non-degree seeking admission:

                   •   Student Services & Account Information  >  Admission  >  UAA Apply as Non-degree Seeking.


  • Below are the three format options for ASDSA 2023

  • UAA-Credit:

    All ASDSA courses must be taken for credit. Each course is 1 or 2 500-level credits. All instructors have worked with UAA to ensure that each course is of quality and meets the hours needed for course participation, assignment, and reflection work to fulfill the requirements. As a participant, please know courses in Block A and Block B will have continued asynchronous work from June 5th-June 9th to fulfill the course credit requirements.

  • Credit Options:

    To support scheduling and honor the time commitment each course requires, participants will only be able to take up to 4 credits during ASDSA.

    Participant 4 credit option examples for 1-credit course options:

    • One A block course, One B block Course, and two asynchronous courses
    • One course in only Block A OR Block B and three asynchronous courses
    • One 2-credit course and two asynchronous courses
    • Four asynchronous courses

    The MISSION of ASDSA is to provide consolidated, collegial, and comprehensive professional learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of our educators, leaders, and paraprofessionals.

ASDSA 2023