Reduction in Force

  • Based on current information, the District has no plan to implement a Reduction-in-force (RIF) for teachers at this time.


    Alaska statutes provide the framework and timelines required for school districts to implement a RIF for teachers. RIF notices are commonly referred to as “pink slips” in social media, by local news channels, and by employees. The framework provides the rules for how and when RIF notices are issued. RIF notices are historically issued when revenue is uncertain for the following year, and mandatory dates must be followed by statute, or if student membership or state/local revenue is expected to decrease for the following school year. School districts can initiate a Reduction in Force if basic need is going to be reduced by 3% or more. Applicable Alaska Statutes (AS) 14.20.140, AS 14.17.410, and AS 14.20.177, are summarized below.


    • AS 14.17.410 provides a step-by-step overview of the state’s funding formula. It describes the calculations required to determine a District’s Basic Need.


    • AS 14.20.140 provides deadlines for notifying teachers who are affected by a layoff or non-retention. Tenured teachers must be notified by 15 May. Teachers who have not acquired tenure must be notified on or before the last day of the school term.


    • AS 14.20.177 provides the framework for a school district to implement a layoff plan. In general, with one exception, non-tenured teachers must be laid off before tenured teachers. Layoff notices are, with few exceptions, issued to employees based on their seniority (date hired by the District). A school district may retain a nontenured teacher, and place on layoff status a tenured teacher, if there is no tenured teacher in the district who is qualified to replace the nontenured teacher. Prior to layoffs for a tenured teacher, the school board shall adopt a layoff plan that identifies the academic and other programs that the district intends to maintain while implementing the layoff plan.


    The plan must also include procedures for layoff and recall of tenured teachers. Deadlines for issuing RIF notices must conform to AS 14.20.140 as summarized in the preceding paragraph. Additionally, the District would be contractually required to follow section 449 of the AEA contract if reductions in force were needed.

It is not "Little House on the Prairie Anymore"

  • By Dr. Deena BishopDr Bishop


    I grew up in the 1970’s watching Laura Ingalls navigate life in Little House on the Prairie, located in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, in the year 1870. I considered her a kindred spirit. She was a middle child, as am I. She was a tomboy of sorts, as am I. She challenged, yet charmed, the adults in her life as she grew to understand and navigate the world around her. I may have done this a little.



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Anchorage School District Education Funding Impacts

  • A comparison of current Pupil to Teacher Ratios against possible outcomes due to changes in the State education budget

    PTR chart


  • Budget Graph

2019-2020 ASD Impacts from Governor's FY20 Amended Budget Proposal


FY 2019-2020 Budget Documents