• Closed: This situation is closed for the District, unless further information is provided from Anchorage Police Department.

    • Following the reporting of this incident in August, 2018, ASD cooperated fully with the investigation conducted by the Anchorage Police Department. Any questions about the police investigation or subsequent charges should be directed to that office.
    • ASD conducted a thorough, independent investigation of the incident as well.
    • No charges were brought against any member of the coaching staff; however, ASD released several coaches from the program as a result of the investigation.
    • Multiple students received discipline consistent with the procedures outlined in ASD’s High School Student Handbook and consistent with ASD School Board policy 
    • Secondary building principals and all activity assistant principals received a Title IX training on the prevention of harassment and bullying last year. All Secondary coaches will receive the same training this year. 
    • 150 coaches attended a two-day Coaching Greatness training with Brad McCoy that focused on creating and sustaining positive culture and climate in our sports programs.
    • 100 additional coaches will attend a Coaching Greatness training this year. The long-term goal is to have all Secondary coaches receive this training.
  • Dimond High School Football Information

    There are allegations of improper behavior surrounding the Dimond High School Football team that have led to an Anchorage Police Department (APD) investigation. Anchorage School District (ASD), Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop and the APD are asking for your patience as an investigation is underway. It will take time to find out what happened. We will share what information we can as the investigation continues, but as it involves minors and personnel, there may be limitations to what ASD can share with the public.