• Conclusion: ASAA overturns Dimond swimmer disqualification

Dimond High Swimming and Diving Information

  • September 11, 2019


    Anchorage School District is pleased that the September 6 Dimond High School swimmer disqualification has been overturned.


    The Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) has determined the disqualification was the result of the misapplication of the rule and that all team and individual points shall be restored to both the individual swimmer and the Dimond High School Swim team.  ASD will continue to work with ASAA to look for a resolution to the Swim & Dive rules that eliminates any ambiguity and allows our young swimmers to compete in the most fair, equitable environment possible.  We appreciate the tremendous community support for our Dimond High School Swim and Dive Team. 


    Read the ASAA statement here