Eagle River High School DEADLINE: 01/15/2021

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    Dear Parent or Student,

    Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for parents, families and friends to commemorate student achievements and important milestones. In addition, revenues from recognition ads help our school to create a better yearbook. To purchase your ad online, follow the instructions on the form below. Jostens is managing your school's yearbook ad sales so please do not contact or send materials to the school. Please take into account our school's ad content guidelines on the bottom of this form during the creation of your ad online. All ad orders must be placed online by 01/15/2021.


    You can access the direct link below: https://www.jostens.com/apps/jcom/router.mvc?affiliateld=1463972


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    ORDER BY 01/15/2021



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    *Credit card installment plan available for orders of $30 or more.



    Important information about Yearbook Recognition Ads

    • Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines.

    • We retain the right to remove any explicit text, graphic photos or copyright-protected imagery or photos.

    • For the ad to appear in the yearbook, your ad must be purchased by the order deadline.

    • Color photographs uploaded for black-and-white ads will appear in black and white.

    • We will make every effort to use your layout and text as indicated. A proof will not be provided and no changes can be made after purchase.



    Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines. Please make sure all submitted materials are appropriate for school publication. Contact Mrs. Lewis with any questions. lewis_danielle@asdk12.org


    IT'S EASY! Create your ad online at www.jostensadservice.com

    1. Choose your ad size and layout.

    2. Enter your text and upload your photos.


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    • How are the ad prices determined and what is the money used for?
      Ad prices are determined by our school. The revenue from Recognition Ads helps support our yearbook and keep it affordable for everyone.
    • How is the ad deadline determined?
      The ad deadline is set by our school based on the production schedule for the yearbook.
    • Can create my student's ad on my mobile device?
      Yes, yearbook ads can be created online from both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Can I send my materials to the school?
      No, please do not send your materials to our school. Our school has selected Jostens to assist with our ad program. 


    Please call Josten's customer service number (800-358-0800) if you have questions or need assistance in creating your ad.