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From the Principal

  • Kelly Eagleton


    Hello O’Malley Families!


    *Blue Ribbon! We are so very thrilled to be named 2019 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence! We were named in the category of Academic Excellence. This is a combined effort of all students, staff and our very supportive community. We know we are special, now everyone else does too! I will be traveling to Washington D.C to accept our award in November, such a proud moment. We will have a huge celebration upon my return and I’ll share my experience and the award! Stay tuned!


    *Noon Duties! Once again, we find ourselves in need of noon duty supervisors for recess and lunch. We are very short and only have 2 that are able to help us out. If you have even one or two days a week, we could really use the help. We have several folks who are only on call, and then sometimes that doesn’t fill our openings. We are currently short 2 positions, please consider it, let your friends and family know as well! Let me know if you are interested. Thank you!


    *Field Trips Chaperones - You may have noticed field trip requirements have been tightened up by the district. There are forms that must be filled out each and every time you chaperone. We understand the frustration with submitting them over and over. Driver’s licenses and insurance coverage can lapse from the last time you may have volunteered; this is the reason for the continued checking throughout the year. It is also very important you do not send a replacement in your place if you are unable to make it, or bring an additional adult along, without paperwork being turned in ahead of time. Each person that goes on a district sponsored trip with students must have current paperwork on file at the time of the field trip. We appreciate the help, but we cannot take any last-minute changes as there is not enough time to run through the paperwork process. Thank you for your support in making sure all students are safe and all chaperones have been properly cleared for contact with our children.


    Happy Fall!

    Kelly Eagleton

    O’Malley Principal


Bonjour! FLAA News/Nouvelles

  • Bienvenue! French Immersion Program at O'Malley Elementary School We are happy to announce the beginning of the French Immersion Program here at O'Malley Elementary School! French Language Advocates Anchorage, FLAA, French Language Advocates Anchorage is dedicated to ensuring the success of the O'Malley French immersion program through fundraising and community cultural events. To learn more about FLAA, please visit their website at https://www.speakfrenchinak.org/about_us .



  • Box Tops

From the PE Corner

PE Corner

News from the Library

  • Child reading a book

    Coming Soon:  Scholastic Book Fair and Battle of the Books!!


    Book Repairs:  If an O’Malley library book becomes damaged, please send it in for the librarian to repair.  There is no need to try to fix or glue an item at home, because special materials are needed.  Thank you:-)


    Thank you to the Simpson, Westley, Jansen, Odom-Pineiro, and Miller families for your donations of books to the library! 

What's happening this month!

Lunch and Recess schedule for Conferences Oct. 23 & 24

  • Please note that this is for only Wednesday and Thursday, 10/23 and 10/24!


    Noon Supervisors will start at 10:05


    Don’t forget we wont have any after
    school activities on half days!




  • free flu shots

    Date, Location, Time for flu shots

Harvest your Boxtops

  • It’s time to once again race down O’Malley’s box Top River!

    The Class to collect the most Box Tops will earn a delicious class prize on Friday November 2nd!


    box tops

Red Ribbon Week 2019


    Days and what to wear for red ribbon weeks

    Monday 10/21 - wear mis-matched shoes!

    Tuesday 10/22 - wear your tie die gear!

    Wednesday 10/23 -wear your crazy socks!

    Thursday 10/24 - wear red!

    Monday 10/28 - wear your pj's!

    Tuesday 10/29 - wear your camo gear!

    Wednesday 10/30 - wear your neon!

    Thursday 10/31 - book character day!

    Friday 11/1 - Class Color Day : K-green, 1st-purple, 2nd-teal, 3rd-red, 4th-orange, 5th-pink, 6th-blue


    More information at redribbon.org



  • Student Council




    Peyton High

    Vice Pres.


    Kate Simpson



    Harriet Alderson



    Fin McCormack

    Class Rep.


    Piper Clark - 5 th gr. 

    Class Rep.


    Hayden Miller - 6th gr

    Class Rep.


    Madison Thomas

    Class Rep.


    Henry Vukovich

    Class Rep.


    Livia Bond

    Class Rep.


    Jillian Acheson

    Class Rep.


    Miley McKinnon

    Class Rep.


    Madilin Leach

    Class Rep.


    Porter Doggett

    Class Rep.


    Mason High

    Class Rep.


    Isaac Ala

  • O'Malley Elementary Contacts

    Main Office 742-5800 |  Kelly Eagleton, Principal  |  Michelle Crow, Admin. Assistant  |  April Piltz, Secretary