Strategic Planning

  • The Anchorage School Board had begun a new Strategic Planning Process to provide specific guidance and direction for the Anchorage School District for the next several years. This plan will directly shape the School District’s priorities and actions. For this process to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible, the Board needs candid input from community stakeholders (parents, educators, community organizations & business leaders).


    Community involvement in this process is necessary for us to develop a clear vision and guiding principles which will help the District to fulfill its mission of educating all students.

Four Phase Approach

    • Phase I – Engage (SCHOOL BOARD) October – December 2019
      • Community Engagement & Fact Finding
      • Community Feedback Forums
      • Community-wide Surveys
      • Consolidation, Analysis and Publication of Input
    • Phase II – Focus (SCHOOL BOARD & ADMINISTRATION with assistance from CGCSJuly 2020 – December 2020
      • The Council of Great City Schools will assist during the entire Focus Phase
      • Develop DRAFT Goals for ASD based on Community input
      • Present DRAFT Goals to Community for feedback
      • Officially adopt new ASD goals
    • Phase III – Focus Cont. (SCHOOL BOARD & ADMINISTRATION) July – August 2021
      • ASD Creates Strategic Action Plan to Achieve New Board Goals
    • Phase IV – Execute (ADMINISTRATIONAugust – Sepember 2021 
      • Role out of New Strategic Plan
      • Communicate Plan to Community via various channels

Community Input

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  • The Anchorage School Board thanks you for participating in our request for input regarding the future goals and direction of the Anchorage School District.