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From the Principal

  • Kelly Eagleton


    Hello O’Malley Families!


    Our Blue Ribbon Assembly was a huge success! Starr Marsett, School Board President, and Brandon Locke, O’Malley’s Director, as well as South High School’s fantastic Jazz Band joined in the festivities. There was even a news crew and a small clip on the evening news. All students and staff were given a certificate and a Blue Ribbon Pin, quite an honor and a day to remember!


    A friendly reminder that our current district testing session for FastBridge and MAP Growth is underway from December 2-19. We hope to finish in the first few weeks of the window. Please help us by getting your student to school on time, rested, and a healthy breakfast under their belt so they are at their best. We appreciate your help on this!


    A few reminders about winter gear now that the snow has arrived! We call it the “Big 5!” Jacket, snow pants, boots, hats and gloves, keeps students warm and dry.


    As the semester is winding down, please do all you can to have your students in class. We understand this is the time for family activities, but time out of the classroom does have an effect and impact learning and grades. Our highest classroom attendance percentage for the month of November was 57%, the School Board goal is 95% attendance each month.  Let’s finish out the semester strong!


    Wishing you safe travels and Happy Holidays!


    Kelly Eagleton

    O’Malley Principal


Student Council Activities

  • Dr. Seuss' The Grinch


    Student Council Food Drive Information

    Student Council Clothing Drive Information

Bonjour! FLAA News/Nouvelles

  • Bienvenue! French Immersion Program at O'Malley Elementary School We are happy to announce the beginning of the French Immersion Program here at O'Malley Elementary School! French Language Advocates Anchorage, FLAA, French Language Advocates Anchorage is dedicated to ensuring the success of the O'Malley French immersion program through fundraising and community cultural events. To learn more about FLAA, please visit their website at https://www.speakfrenchinak.org/about_us .


    Upcoming events:

    January 24, 2020 - FLAA is looking for volunteers to help with planning, set-up and break-down of our biggest fundraiser of the school year:
    Taste of French Specialties and Silent Auction at the O'Malley SteamDot from 7 to 9:30pm. If any parents or others are interested in volunteering, please contact Molly Gottstein at frenchlangadvocate@gmail.com to be added to those email communications.



  • Box Tops

PE Corner


    From the PE corner:


    Happy Winter all! I hope you were able to get out to enjoy all of the snow before it was gone again. This is a tough winter to prepare to get outside with winter activities of skiing and ice-skating. We hope to begin ice-skating at school during PE classes in January. To help prepare for this, please take some time to have your child try on their ice skates. I will be asking them in PE classes these next few weeks if they have skates that fit. I do have a closet full of skates for students to borrow from that don’t have their own skates.


    Winter Family Fun night with ice-skating, other outdoor activities, gym use, and food is scheduled for the evening of Friday, 10th. This is our annual kickoff to start our ice skating program in PE, and our skate closet will be open for use. We were also awarded a $1000 Scotty Gomez Foundation Grant with matching funds from Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska to help fund our ice-rink and skate closet this winter! Woo-hoo!


    It is also that time of year when we have more accidents from slipping on the ice/snow. Please be careful as you are outside, and practice “walking like a duck”. If your child should fall and get injured, there is an ASD policy that requires a medical note if your child will be need to be excused from PE more than 3 consecutive days. This also applies to an illness or surgery, such as bronchitis or an appendectomy. I need to arrange for them to go to a safe place so that they and others in the gym are kept safe during PE classes. Thank you for your attention to this.


    Enjoy the coming holidays with your child, and enjoy our winter!


    Jan Konkler

    O’Malley PE

O'Malley PTA

  • For information on everything PTA, you can follow them on Facebook at O'Malley PTA.


    The PTA December Newsletter can be located here.


    Student Council Holiday Grams For Sale!   Candy Gram labels

News from the Library

  • Snowman with snowflakes


    News From the Library


    Barnes and Noble Family Day:  Thank you Kathy Hatton (Book Fair Extraordinaire), Mrs. Eagleton, Mrs. Piltz, Weston Piltz, and Mrs. Bailey and your spectacular choir for planning, helping at, and performing at this event.  Also, a big offering of gratitude to the staff and families who shopped on Sunday, because a percentage of your purchases goes directly to funds for your school library.  Many of our school resources and favorite reading material for students are purchased from Barnes and Noble.


    Annual ASD Bookmark Contest:  Entries for the contest have been collected.  Staff judging will take place in December, and the two winning bookmarks will be forwarded to the Anchorage School District level for judging in January.


    Book Repairs:  If an O’Malley library book becomes damaged, thank you for sending it in for the librarian to repair.  There is no need to try to fix or glue an item at home, because special materials are needed.


    Thank you to the Kupilik family for your donation of books to the library!

  • Music notes on a staff

    Mrs. Bailey would like to congratulate the following 5th and 6th graders who made it into the Anchorage School District Honor Choir!

    They are:


    Madison Thomas

    Quintyn Miller

    Emmy Goodman

    Hayden Miller

    Rachel Rood

    Harriet Alderson

    Tayler Roberson

    Aeroh Olson

    Elsie Mujagic


    The alternates this year are:

    Kamea Maxim

    Kate Simpson

    Emily Tibor


    Congratulations on such a high musical honor!


  • Calling All Families!


    Our Makerspace after-school program will be starting soon, and your interests and talents are needed.


    Makerspace is a very open-ended exploration program. Some examples of class options are: robotics, science experiments, woodworking, movie making, coding, a variety of art forms, cooking, bike maintenance, and anything else you want to pitch as a class.


    Information you need to know before you can make a decision:

    • The classes run from 3:30-4:30 Mon-Thurs
    • You can teach your class 1, 2, 3, or 4 days a week
    • Your class should be appropriate for a variety of grades
    • Your class can run for 4 weeks


    For example, you may have a free spot every Monday. You could teach a class Mondays for 4 weeks, with a different grade group each week. If your class is more intensive and you have the time, you could teach 2-4 days a week, spending a week with each grade group for 4 weeks.


    O'Malley has a room dedicated to Makerspace this year, and it has quite a few supplies already. Specific supplies can be purchased as needed.


    Please contact Mandy Andersen if you have questions or would like to schedule a class: andersen_amanda@asdk12.org.

Safety Corner


    • AO  NO. 2019  51(S), AS AMENDED                                                                                                                                   MUNI.ORG/ASSEMBLY


      no phones


      A new ordinance (law) passed by the Anchorage Assembly on June 20, 2019 makes it unlawful for a driver of any vehicle to talk on a mobile communication device while driving a vehicle within an active school zone or on school grounds, unless the vehicle is stopped or a hands-free device is used.



      • Student safety is extremely important. Distracted driving is dangerous.
      • Talking on a cell phone or mobile communication device is distracted driving and jeopardizes student safety in designated school zones.



      • A mobile communication device is a cellular phone, smart phone, personal data assistant, wireless tablet, computer, or any similar device used for voice or visual communication.
      • An active school zone is a school zone with signage between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and where the maximum speed is 25 miles per hour or less on the streets permanently or due to a temporary speed reduction indicated by flashing school zone lights.
      • A hands-free device is a phone with speaker capability, an attachment, or other piece of equipment that allows the use of the device without either of the operator’s hands.



      • A vehicle is stopped OR a mobile communication device is used with a hands-free device.
      • A mobile communication device is used to dial 911 and make an emergency call.
      • An operator of an authorized emergency vehicle is using a mobile communication device while acting in an official capacity.



      • A $500 fine, or
      • A class A misdemeanor if a person's driving causes physical injury or death to another person.



      • Why isn’t talking on cell phones banned while driving everywhere in Alaska? The State of Alaska has preempted Anchorage’s right to ban talking on a cell phone while driving, but reading or typing a text message while driving is prohibited statewide.
      • Can I call my student when I’m there to pick them up? Yes, if your car is stopped, then you can call your student on your cell phone. Or, you may call your student on a hands-free device.
      • Do these rules apply only when the school zone lights are flashing? No! Most schools don’t have flashing lights. These rules apply in an active school zone, where the speed limit is 25 mph or less, even if temporarily indicated by the flashing lights, and is designated by the signs posted that say “School Zone”. If the speed limit is never reduced to 25 mph or less, the street is not in an active school zone and the rules don’t apply even if there are signs.
      • How can I be sure if I am in a place where I can legally use my cell phone? If you are unsure, don’t use your cell phone! Pull over, stop, and use your cell phone when you are not driving.


      Reviewed by the Municipality of Anchorage Legal Department

      *This fact sheet is provided as a courtesy to the public to highlight provisions of the law; it is not the law. For specific details of the law and the requirements or prohibitions in the law, please refer to  the text of the ordinance (AO No. 2019-51(S)am) or Anchorage Municipal Code section 9.28.055.

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  • free flu shots

    Date, Location, Time for flu shots

Harvest your Boxtops

  • It’s time to once again race down O’Malley’s box Top River!

    The Class to collect the most Box Tops will earn a delicious class prize!


    box tops

  • Student Council




    Peyton High

    Vice Pres.


    Kate Simpson



    Harriet Alderson



    Fin McCormack

    Class Rep.


    Piper Clark - 5 th gr. 

    Class Rep.


    Hayden Miller - 6th gr

    Class Rep.


    Madison Thomas

    Class Rep.


    Henry Vukovich

    Class Rep.


    Livia Bond

    Class Rep.


    Jillian Acheson

    Class Rep.


    Miley McKinnon

    Class Rep.


    Madilin Leach

    Class Rep.


    Porter Doggett

    Class Rep.


    Mason High

    Class Rep.


    Isaac Ala

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