FY21 Preliminary Budget – School Board Q&A (02/17/2020)

  • The preliminary budget was designed with three priorities in mind:

    • Protect core class sizes;
    • Preserve educational opportunities as resources allow; and
    • Preserve jobs for our certified employees.


    The following questions, with accompanying staff responses, have been raised by School Board members since the 4 February 2020.



  • How much money is needed to retain IGNITE in its current form?

  • What is the cost savings if the Middle School model is eliminated?

  • How much does a Security person cost for Polaris, and have we looked at reducing the part-time librarian to pay for a part-time security position? Additionally, does the District have a plan to secure the front door?

  • What is the cost for the two added positions required to support the apprentice program, and is there an estimate on the number of apprentices this might employ in a year?

  • What is the cost for the South High School principal position?

  • What is the cost of the Dome contract, and are there any updates since the last Board meeting?