• Lake Otis Library Extended Break Menu 


    Read a book online



    Make up your own story… use your family to act it out. 

    Rewrite the ending to one of your favorite books.

    Free choice…

    You get to choose what you’d like to do that relates to reading/books.

    Read to or with a family member. Pick a book you have and read it together. 

    Do an act of kindness for those you are spending time around. Some ideas include: helping around the house, thank someone for something they have done for you, give a hug, make a card. You decide!! 

    Make a book mobile, cereal box model or find a creative way to recreate a scene from a story.

    Make your own book..

    Write it or type it. You can log onto and use Google Docs, Google Drawing or Google Slides to tell your story. Then share with those you are spending time with. 

    Listen to a audiobook