The Accuplacer exam determines a student's writing course placement at UAA. In light of recent changes to the Accuplacer at UAA, the Middle College Program would like to offer you the opportunity to complete the test via Virtual Remote proctoring. An online service that allows the test taker to take the ACCUPLACER exam at a time and place that is convenient to them.  Test takers will be able to test 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location worldwide. The test is proctored by online proctors who are trained and certified.   Click the Link below to choose your test date/time - Enter the Alaska Middle College School choice from the dropdown menu for the first two fields of the questionnaire. 
    AMCS will not be holding a proctored ALEKS test until further notice, but ask that you complete the required exam at home.  This test can be taken up to 5 times, but you will be required to complete a learning module between each re-take.  
    Link:  ALEKS Math Placement test. At the bottom of the link there is a Vow Of Integrity:
    • NO OUTSIDE HELP as you take the ALEKS! All you need is pencil/pen & scratch paper...the test will provide a calculator if/when necessary. No clicking outside of ALEKS while testing to Google questions. No books. Just use what you know, because you want to be placed in a Math course that you can complete successfully.
    • Discrepancies will be addressed.
    You'll be taken to a portal sign-in page - click under the UAA logo.
    Login using your UAA user name and password.  If you're having issues with the login process, please call I/T @ 786-4646 for assistance.
    Once you're logged in, you'll see "My Classes" with one active block.  Click on the block to proceed.  ALEKS will ask you to fill out a brief survey.  Two survey questions where students have consistently requested clarification:
    • When asked about your last completed math class, enter the last math class you fully completed (or the closest match you can find in the drop down box) - not the one you're currently enrolled in
    • When asked which math class you'd like to test into, click the MATH105 option
    You need a score of 30 or higher to place in a college-level math class.  Remember, the learning modules are there for your benefit and will reinforce the concepts specific to areas where ALEKS determines you could use some extra support. 
    Please email AMCS with your score.
    Thank you!