• Clever log in with username and password from computer, tablet, or phone...


    1. Go to www.clever.com/in/asd




    2. To log in with your username and password click on Log in with Active Directory

    login tab



    3. Log in with your district username and password. 

    Username: lastname.firstname

    Password: First name capitalized

    district credentials


    Student: Peter Pan

    Username: pan.peter

    Password: Peter


    *If your first name is less than five letters you will need to add the first letters of your last name until it is 5 total.

    Student: Mary Poppins                             Student: Tom Thumb

    Username: poppins.mary         or            Username: thumb.tom   

    Password: Maryp                                     Password: Tomth


    *Other log in issues might include: Students with a first and last name in common with another student or students with long or hyphenated last names. Check with your classroom teacher if you are unable to log in.



    4. Now you can go to any of the apps or links without logging in again.

    Clever Apps