• Quyana to Jennifer Latva-Kiskola at Benny Benson Alternative High School!

    Nurse Jennifer has worked so hard during the pandemic to help keep ALL of us safe and healthy. She has worked tirelessly to make sure COVID tests are completed and submitted, even going out of her way to make sure I got mine done so I could return to school quickly. She is calm in crisis and keeps a cool head and is always professional even when being peppered with questions and requests. She has kept up with all the current information about COVID and protocols and kept us informed. I appreciate having such an amazing medical professional tending to the diverse needs of our Benny Benson staff and students. Thank you, Jennifer!Janna Walker, co-worker

  • Quyana to at Mears Special Ed & Assistant Principal & Teachers!

    I want to say how grateful I am for the efforts of the Principal Mr. Scott, the Counselors Mr Osiensky, and Special Ed chair Patricia K & teachers that helped me and my son stay in school. It was really hard and we couldn't have done it without them. I owe my child's bright future to them and hope they will be recognized as exceptional problem solvers. Thank youStacie Khan, Parent

  • Quyana to Jennifer Hoeldt at Ptarmigan

    Mrs. Hoeldt has been our Building Tech Coordinator for over 3 years. She has spent numerous hours supporting staff during COVID with CANVAS and Zoom. This year she continued to support our staff with their many technology questions, but also assisted with the computer refresh. To say the very least, she has spent numerous hours helping the staff get their new laptops to connect to their Interactive Whiteboards and printers throughout our building. Thank you Mrs. Hoeldt for all you do behind the scenes to support our teachers , administration, and our substitutes in the area of technology!Kelly Ramey, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Band, Orchestra, and Choir teachers/students from Wendler MS at Music

    I would like to send a quyana to the Band, Orchestra, and Choir teachers from Wendler Middle School, whose students performed a concert at Airport Heights Elementary today. What a beautiful gift of music, and how impressive it is to see so many students dedicated to learning such worthwhile skills. Thank you for the wonderful concert.Emily Becker, Long-Term Substitute

  • Quyana to Christine Harrington, Pamela Dupras, Baylee Hensen, Megan Neale at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

    Christine Harrington, Pamela Dupras, Baylee Henson, and Megan Neale have sincere passion for student success and academic growth! They work with as an incredible team of Instructional Coach, ELL teacher, and winterventionists to create focused interventions and build relationships with students and staff. Their positivity and unwavering dedication is evident in our students' enthusiasm for learning with these amazing educators! We may not have a school of our own with space for win groups, but these ladies find the most creative ways to support our intervention groups in the most creative spaces and never complain. Positivity is their superpower! Quyana cakneq! Kenkamken!Danielle Riha, peer

  • Quyana to Lisa Long at CIT

    Lisa is a true advocate and support for students in ASD. Her dedication and commitment to student support is unparalleled. Thank you, Lisa!!!Jennifer Emmal, Department Chair

  • Quyana to Deborah Bond at Substitute Teacher for Ptarmigan Elementary

    Mrs. Bond has a heart of gold! Her determination to take on a challenging long term substitute position is truly transforming the lives of each of those students she is teaching. She spends long hours developing engaging lessons for all learners. In just a short amount of time ,she has created a a caring environment that meets students where they are at and challenges them to grow academically. Her dedication to these students and our school can be seen now and in years to come.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Karin Sikora at Whaley School

    Karin goes above and beyond to support students and families. She is always available to share how fantastic Whaley School is. Thank you, Karin! I appreciate you!!Jennifer Emmal, Peer

  • Quyana to Katelyn Korell at IT

    Katelyn immediately answered my call for IT support and spent 4 hours with me. First, she tried to resolve the issue and when that did not work, she invested time conducting a data transfer on a new device. She provides high quality customer service with a positive attitude.Quyana!Kori Engstrom, Principal

  • Quyana to Kristine Lindblom at Chester Valley

    Kristine has done a wonderful job leading small instructional groups this year. She really stepped up as a TA when needs were present to help students learn and grow.Susan Nesbitt, co-worker

  • Quyana to Krista Clifford at Special Education Records

    Krista is an amazing asset to the special education records department. She goes above and beyond to support the teachers, answer questions and provide quick and helpful answers. Thank you Krista!Kristine Stout, Special Education Teacher

  • Quyana to Sean Schubert at King Tech Workforce Development

    Sean Schubert spends each day building respectful relationships with young adults, striving to help them see their own present and future value, and actively creating opportunities to get our students prepared and engaged in the Anchorage workforce. His positive energy and can-do attitude benefits our students and staff daily. Thank you Sean!! You are a critical part of King Tech's ability to meet our mission by helping our students find their future.Stacy Miller, peer

  • Quyana to Glen, Keely, Jordan, Alma at Wonder Park SPED Pre-K

    The Wonder Park Pre-K Aides are so good with their students & a very hard-working team!Nelly Navarro-Britt, teacher

  • Quyana to Nicole Simasko at Chester Valley Elementary

    In addition to being our school librarian, Nicole is always making learning fun, such as tracking the number of books students read focusing on the Iditarod Race. Students learned about all the mushers, checkpoints. The students who read the most books are recognized with a special prize. She taught students how to program/design Ozobot robots to travel in a directional path by their command with special pencils. These are only a few things she does for our school that enhance learning and make it fun - last but certainly not least, she's our IT specialist. :)Dwight Simmons, Sub Teacher (Long Term)

  • Quyana to Maya Dunham, Speech therapist at Government Hill; related services SLP

    Maya goes above and beyond for her team and the kids we work with. She is so helpful, and helps without being asked much of the time. She deserves to be recognized, because people like Maya propel others to want to be there for their co-workers and that kind of spirit is what makes work enjoyable, a job desirable, and also ensures that kids get what they need.Meghan Tweit, Occupational therapist

  • Quyana to Ron Paye at Electronics ~ Lead

    I wish to acknowledge the dedication that Ron and his staff have shown us recently and throughout the years, Ron listens to our needs and talks us through logistics and comes up with workable solutions. We are grateful for the time and knowledge he has shown our All Star school. We are so excited that our assemblies and shows will be broadcast for all to hear, our clocks on time, and bells sounding musical. Thank youTami Hanson~Wonder Park Elementary AA, peer

  • Quyana to Bradley Theisen at Facility Maintenance

    Mr. Theisen and his crew worked quickly to sand our parking lot and playground for the safety of our students, staff, and families. Mr. Theisen was quick to respond to our request (one of many I'm sure!) and was friendly throughout our communication. Quyana to Bradley and team!Helena Batman, Peer

  • Quyana to Kathleen Hester at HR Talent Management

    Kathleen Hester is supportive and kind and patient. She has, figuratively, held my hand and walked me through staffing issues and stressful moments. Her kindness and patience while teaching me and helping our school has been amazing. Thank you, Kathleen, for always answering my emails and for calling me to talk to me through issues. Thank you for taking the time to check in and make sure that operations are running smoothly. You are an outstanding example of excellent customer service and I appreciate you.Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Jennifer Hemphill at Eagle River Elementary

    Ms. Hemphill has brought back our school spirit at ERE with her enthusiasm to coordinate school-wide events, run student leadership and science club. She has helped us strengthen our school community with her love and dedication she has to children and our school. Thank you for working so hard to help make our little school feel special to everyone in our school community.Emily Cano, Colleague

  • Quyana to Annette Tilbury, Kara Cravens, Michelle Valentine, Cauline Giels, Stacy Byrd, Teresa Thornton, Elizabeth Sandhofer at South High School

    The support staff at South Anchorage High School is simply amazing. They provide excellent customer service while supporting the numerous needs of our students, families, the community, ASD central office and South staff. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated employees.Rick Stone, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Shawnee Vanderpool at Creekside Park Elementary

    Ms. Vanderpool is the outstanding Music Teacher at Creekside - but she does so much more. During these unprecedented times, Ms. Vanderpool has served as a 2nd grade teacher, 5th grade teacher and also subbed in other positions at our school. She serves on our SST team and takes the time to reach out to individual students that need extra support. Amid a sub shortage, community illness and other family factors that have contributed to teacher overload, Ms. Vanderpool has maintained a demeanor of kindness and calmness that has spread throughout our staff and student body. Ms. Vanderpool is a shining example of what teaching excellence looks like. Quayana to you!Cindy Rosser, Peer, Creekside Park Elementary

  • Quyana to Shastina Mckeag at Wonder Park Elementary

    Shastina is an unsung asset to Wonder Park Elementary. Shastina brings years of experience to Wonder Park Elementary as an Instructional Coach. While here at Wonder Park, Shastina taught many hours of professional development, met with individual teachers to expand their teaching practices, participated in the Foundations & Leadership Team​s, and has been an all-around outstanding ​All-Star team member. Just this year, Shastina has designed numerous WIN groups and delivered professional development on the topic of instructional interventions, implemented H​eggerty and iReady Mathematics. Wonder Park's recent academic growth is a direct result of Shastina's work and dedication to our community and students. I am honored to work alongside her.Michael kage, Assistant Principal

  • Quyana to Alyson Giammalva at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Ptarmigan Elementary staff and students would like to thank Mrs. Alyson Giammalva. As our school librarian, she has stepped up to take over/become the primary teacher for a 2nd grade classroom until a long-term sub can be found. For over 10 weeks, she has taken charge of all the responsibilities of a classroom teacher while also keeping the Library open for students to check out books. Her dedication to our students speaks volumes to her amazing character.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Ellen Segal at Chester Valley & Baxter SPED Clerical

    Ellen has been a reliable member of our team. She has provided consistent follow-through on difficult tasks. She has been wonderful in communicating and connecting with our school's families. Her due diligence has been appreciated and made a difference.Susan Nesbitt, Department Chair

  • Quyana to Kevin "KC" Crowley at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Mr. Kevin "KC" Crowley is an amazing Preschool Teacher at Ptarmigan Elementary. He always keeps the needs of each student at the center of all his educational decisions. He is a team player and approaches challenges with solutions that benefit our students and supports other staff members.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Mrs. Peggy Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary

    Mrs. Benton is an amazing music teacher and Ptarmigan Elementary is so fortunate to have her. When teaching positions go unfilled, Mrs. Benton is often used as a classroom teacher. With this said, Mrs. Benton then takes the time to record music lessons that the regular classroom teacher can play during their music time. This dedication to her passion ensures all students receive a high degree of music education each week, no matter what.Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Don Williams and Chris Borst at Maintenance Department

    I would like to recognize Don Williams, Chris Borst and others in the maintenance department for their persistence in finding the problem with the dust collector system in the Applied Tech Shop Room. After coming back to Gruening after the remodel, the dust collector system was not working. Maintenance took over the issue and through many visits were able to solve the issue and return a vital piece of equipment back into use. Thank you!Gary Martin, Applied Technology Shop Teacher

  • Quyana to Marlee Hughes at Lake Hood 6th Grade Teacher

    Mrs. Marlee is an exceptional young woman who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of her students along with having a positive impact on the rest of our school. She is a vibrant, motivated, creative and thoughtful teacher whose energy is felt by all those who are lucky to work with her. Mrs. Marlee is open to new ideas, incorporates them into her classroom and then her students transform them into something even more magnificent. She has such a kind heart and we are so fortunate to have her as a part of our Lake Hood Elementary Community.MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Child in Transition Team at CIT

    Big thanks to the CIT Team for taking such good care of our most vulnerable students and their families! Your compassion and efforts bring continuity to their lives and allows us to keep those connections as long as possible. Thank you for going so above and beyond!Michilani Wiseman, Peer

  • Quyana to Tamara Mosier at Indian Ed Tudor

    Tamara is one of the most genuine, caring, and passionate people I have met. Her students know that she will do everything she can to enrich their experience. Her knowledge of her subject is mind-blowing and she embodies the exact leadership we want for our Indian Ed students. She is such an incredible asset to Tudor and I am so grateful for teachers like Tamara.Michelle Carton, Tudor Librarian

  • Quyana to Andrew Schweistal at PE- Chugiak Elementary!

    Mr. S goes above and beyond to make PE a great experience for all! The past two weeks, he has tuned up skis, trained kids to get on boots and skis and endured the elements, all for the kids to enjoy cross-country skiing. They love this part of PE, and it is a lot of extra work for the PE teacher. Thanks so much!Beth Senchantixay, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Quyana to Michelle at Gruening Middle School

    Dedicated and supporting. Not only for the students but helping a new member of the school feel supported and encouraged. Thank youTania Leslie, Peer

  • Quyana to Milwicz Jordan at Ravenwood!

    Thank you both for supporting my child in his learning , encouraging and giving comfort as times and transitions and chaos of life moves us forward.Tania Leslie, Parent

  • Quyana to the SKILAK TEAM at Gruening Middle school

    To the SKILAK TEAM / support Team that supports education academically and socially and emotionally, Thank you !Tania Leslie, Parent

  • Quyana to Marianne Brandt at Bear Valley Elementary

    Mrs. Brandt goes above and beyond to maintain a respectful community of kindergarten learners. Her students know that she cares about them; they know that she has high expectations of them; and they know that she believes they will rise to the challenge. She is an excellent teacher and we are so grateful for her positive approach to teaching. Mrs. Brandt has set our son up for success in school for the next 12 years, in just a few months. Quyana, Mrs. Brandt!

    ~The Johnson Family

    Amelia Johnson, Parent

  • Quyana to Josh Phares at IT Department

    I would like a take a moment to recognize and acknowledge Josh for his excellent work and continued commitment to his team and everyone that he works with at ASD. He has been and continues to be an invaluable resource, collaborator, and coach every day and inspires others to keep going and overcome obstacles in their pursuit of growth in their own work.

    James Miller, Peer

  • Quyana to Sheila Curran at Tudor Elementary

    Thank you Sheila for supporting Tudor Elementary! Sheila works between two schools and finds the time to volunteer at Tudor during our extracurricular activities. She is extremely organized, thorough and dedicated to doing the best for her students. Thank you Sheila!

    Gail Patarini, Staff

  • Quyana to Kyle Mahaney at Operations

    Kyle was almost back to the Ed Center when I called to see if he could come back to pick up a sample that just got completed. He cheerfully turned around in -10 degree weather.

    Mimi Bourquin, Susitna Nurse

  • Quyana to Benito Garcia, Edmund Reyes, Liz Snell, and ASD Maintenance & Operations at Polaris K-12

    We want to give a big thank you to the amazing people who worked so hard to get us back in our classrooms after a water pipe broke and drenched our rooms. They did a fantastic job and we were back in and able to teach with only a couple of days out. We truly appreciate all of the hard work that let us resume teaching in person so quickly! Thank you so much!!!

    Marie Lacher & Keana Graves, teachers

  • Quyana to Peggy Rankin at HR!

    Peggy made herself available on a whim instead of delegating or putting off assisting me with a task that really was not urgent. She made me feel heard, important, and inspired by her take charge and humble leadership. I look forward to seeing Peggy again, she brought a smile and light to my day and is an example of why I love working with ASD.

    Meghan Tweit, Occupational therapist

  • Quyana to Beverly Martin at SPED; resource!

    Beverly is team motivated and gracious with her time. Beverly pays attention to detail and takes the time to communicate through several modes of communication, which makes my life easier, as OTs are not always in the loop traveling between schools. She goes out of her way to make my days more smooth flowing, even when it is not her duty-like the head's up she gave me today which freed up my schedule, and helped me do my job more efficiently as a result. I appreciate working on the SPED team with Mrs. Martin!

    Meghan Tweit, Occupational therapist

  • Quyana to Ylka Richardson at Fire Lake Elementary BPO!

    Ylka works so hard and diligently to keep our school clean and safe. This first semester she has worked so many hours of overtime to make sure our evening custodian doesn't have to clean our school alone. She treats all of our kids with love and empathy and always has a smile and kind word for everyone in the school. Fire Lake would be lost without her!

    Laurie Nusbaum, School Secretary

  • Quyana to Ardis Mutini at LANGUAGE & CULTURAL LIAISON

    Grateful for Ardis's help tying our school to our community by suggesting some strong role models who spoke to our students. Students were attentive and engaged while Seven, Shane and Jr. spoke about being their best, working hard, showing respect and resolving conflicts peacefully.

    Angie Jensen, Peer

  • Quyana to Melissa "Annie" Passarello at Abbott Loop Elementary PE Teacher!

    A big shout out and huge thank you to Ms. Annie! When music was canceled due to the sub shortage, Annie doubled up classes so teachers would have planning time! She is a wonderful asset to our school.

    Dana Cain, Teacher

  • Quyana to Mrs Bree Dolph at O’Malley Elementary School!

    I am a mother of three students, and we are new to ASD. Last year, Mrs Dolph was my youngest son’s room teacher. She is the most amazing elementary teacher I have ever met. Very dedicated, super organized, kind, knowledgeable and fun. Thanks to Mrs.Dolph, my son who came to her class with zero English, is now thriving in the second grade! We were blessed to have her as our first English teacher, and we are grateful!

    Anar Alizada, Parent

  • Quyana to Officer Matt Ivacic at Klatt Elementary SRO

    Officer Ivacic is the School Resource Officer for Klatt Elementary. He is new to the Klatt community this year and has already established a strong relationship with the front office staff, students, and families. Officer Ivacic brought his police cruiser to our Fall Festival Trunk or Treat and hosted a trunk for that event featuring all the features of his vehicle. Whenever we have a need, Officer Ivacic goes above and beyond to help. His positive presence is exactly what our school community needs. Klatt Elementary appreciates you, Officer Ivacic!

    Mary Wood, Assistant Principal

  • Quyana to Adam Mokelke & the Anchorage STrEaM Academy team at Anchorage STrEaM Academy

    Thank you to Principal Adam Mokelke and the Anchorage STrEaM Academy team for opening their site to host districtwide training on November 11th for staff across the district that benefits safety and engagement.

    Taryn Stein, Special Education Coordinator

  • Quyana to Amy Olmstead at Campbell Pre-K

    Amy has so much love and commitment to the well being and care of her kids. She truly cares what kind of little humans they will grow up to be and teaches them things I WISH I would have learned at that age. She is graceful and a pleasure as a colleague as well, lots of knowledge, kindness and a real team player.

    Meghan, OT at ASD

  • Quyana to Ian Milliman & Publications Services at Anchorage School District!

    We would like to thank Ian and the entire publications services staff at ASD. Ian and his team have gone above and beyond in fulfilling all our printing needs and designs this school year. Ian is incredibly prompt with processing our requests and getting them out to our school in a timely manner. Thank you Ian and the Publications Services for all you have done for Chugiak High School. You are amazing and we appreciate everything you do!

    Kelly White, support staff from Chugiak High School

  • Quyana to James Bell, Marjorie Burr, Panna Jarussi, Christine Gilgus at Service High School

    These four people came to my aid when I suffered a broken fibula last Friday while substitute teaching at their school. When I first realized I was in trouble, several students contacted Marjorie Burr who quickly took over my class and made sure that help was on the way. James Bell drove me to the office and made sure that I was safely deposited into the capable hands of Nurse Panna Jarussi. From there I was given the appropriate paperwork for checking in with the medical facility that I went to. Christine Gilgus hand-delivered me to my wife via a wheelchair. I figure that I missed a couple of others who assisted, but you really did a job well done! Greg Balcao

    Greg Balcao, Substitute teacher

  • Quyana to all Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members at Anchorage School District

    Taking notice of those around us, and I mean everyone, the good that is being done, the kindness that is being shared, the compassion amongst colleagues is such a critical component of ensuring our students succeed. This can only happen thanks to the endless dedication and from the hearts of folks who care so deeply about the welfare of the children before them. The day in & day out demonstration of what we “can do” shines deeply from the smiling eyes of the children before us. It is because of the collaborative efforts of all staff, parents, the community, everyone and anyone who extends themselves for the betterment of our students, both academically and emotionally that our students shine. You are noticed, you are valued and your role is critically important, each and every one of you. Please take a moment to thank your colleague(s), be kind to yourself, see the good that you are doing, the good being done around you, and know in your hearts that you inspire daily with great passion and care.


  • Quyana to Brenda Hower at Lake Hood Elementary Counselor!

    Mrs. Hower is a new addition to our Lake Hood School taking on a very important and vital role. Her integration into our school has been impeccable along with building positive relationships with both students and staff alike. Mrs. Hower strives to find solutions, helps to build a sense of safety for our students, she collaborates with staff with the ultimate goal of helping our students together. She is excited to learn and has also contributed so much knowledge to help so many students. We are so grateful to have her as a part of our team and look forward to her continued support of our Lake Hood community.


  • Quyana to Anne Connors at Human relations

    Anne has been professional, informative, and steadfast in organizing and ensuring that my paperwork has been in order during onboarding into this new position as an occupational therapist. Anne has ensured that I was in the know on all of the offered benefits and in turn, I feel more taken care of and comfortable with my decision to hire on directly with ASD.

    Meghan Tweit, OT

  • Quyana to Trudy McMullen at Lake Hood Librarian

    Mrs. McMullen is our Lake Hood Librarian extraordinaire! She is always seeking out fun and exciting programs to help broaden the minds of our students at Lake Hood Elementary. She strives to include all students, reminding them how important they are, that it is great to see them and that each is a valued member of our Lake Hood Community. She does creative projects with each of her classes and encourages the students to read for learning and enjoyment. Thank you Mrs. McMullen.

    MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Clinton McBride at Lake Hood Orchestra Teacher

    I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. McBride, our Lake Hood Orchestra teacher. He has gone above and beyond to include all of our students in his Orchestra class and extends himself to help each one in such unique and individualized ways. As an SBBS teacher having our students not only participate but feel part of a community speaks volumes to his character. He has taken extra time to help prepare our students with the goal of musical success along with high expectations. We are very grateful to you Mr. McBride, our students are very fortunate to have you as their Orchestra teacher.

    MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Amy Goldberg-Tseng at Kasuun

    I wanted to recognize Amy for all of the ways she takes on extra duties to help others and always does so with a helpful, kind spirit. I appreciate her smiles, greetings, and positive spirit every time I see her.

    Meghan Tweit, OT

  • Quyana to Benedict Cabasal at Dimond High School

    Mr. C creates a welcoming atmosphere for both students and staff. His classroom is a positive and engaging setting wherein everyone feels valued, appreciated, and respected. I work in different schools/classrooms and entering Mr. C's classroom is always a highlight of my day. Quyana!

    Mary Banaszak, itinerant teacher

  • Quyana to Katie Gamez at Campbell STEM Elementary Kinder TA

    Katie goes above and beyond at Campbell STEM. Campbell STEM had a lot of staff absences. Katie stepped in to be head-teacher multiple times with limited notice. Student learning in the classroom continued and all routines were followed.

    Jenny M Whitt, Principal

  • Quyana to Melinda Deal and Emilee Smith at Service High Music Department

    Thank you so much for helping prepare the uniforms (measuring/hemming etc.) for all of our students here at Service High School

    Christopher Lubken, Music Teacher

  • Quyana to Ann Benfield at Susitna Elementary School

    Quyana to Ms. Benfield for putting in countless hours to host our school's book fair! She worked hard to set up the fair, promote it to our staff and families, work the fair, and tear it all down. She helped teachers complete wish lists, encouraged extra books to be purchased for less fortunate students, and her efforts aided in fundraising for our school! Way to go, Ann!

    Liann Walgenbach, Teacher

  • Quyana to the whole Mountain View Team at Mountain View

    I wanted to send appreciation to my staff for the long hours put in day in a day out. We have managed to stay afloat despite staff shortages because everyone has been flexible and willing to help out wherever possible. It is an honor and a privilege to be apart of the Mountain View community.

    Abigail Watson, Assistant Principal at Mountain View Elementary

  • Quyana to Lisa Earnhart and Michelle Jerome at Alpenglow Elementary

    Quyana to our amazing PE teachers who make physical activity super fun even for non athletic students (and staff). These two are always willing to try new things from bike and scooter week to nine square in the air. They create fun obstacle courses like the Haunted Gym and Ninja courses. The students have a blast! Thank you both for your dedication, passion, and fun!

    Lisa Bunag, Peer and Parent

  • Quyana to MICHELLE BERGQUIST at Gruening Middle School

    The love and dedication and quick efficiency in her skills to understand and settle , calm and support. LOVE LOVE LOVE ! Kindred spirit. I know my son this year is supported.

    Tania Leslie, Parent

  • Quyana to Sue Kinney at the Adult Community Transition (ACT) Program

    Sue has been very supportive of ASD Covid protocols this year, cheerfully communicating back and forth with families, students and staff, and helping the nurse in countless ways to keep students healthy. This, in addition to all her other AA duties, is done cheerfully and efficiently. Thanks Sue!

    Nancy Bale, School Nurse ACT/Whaley

  • Quyana to Corina Shook at Ursa Major Elementary

    Corie Shook deserves a huge shoutout. She is our amazing Administrative Assistant but does so much more than just her own job to keep our school running efficiently. She is the single go to person at our school for staff, subs and families. She has consistently taken on more and more this year and she more than deserves to be celebrated.

    Amber Bennett, SpED TA

  • Quyana to Amber Ellis - Speech Pathologist at Trailside Elementary!

    I would like to acknowledge Amber Ellis for a Quyana award. She deserves kudos for the incredible amount of work she does not only for her own case load but for the entire school in general. Amber came to our school equipped with an amazing amount of knowledge in the areas of speech and Language. She makes her student's learning fun and engaging at all times. She recognizes the importance of inclusion and will work right alongside her kiddos in the general education classroom and spends a large amount of effort providing goals and objectives to help them fit be successful within the general environment. Amber is a team player and has agreed to train others in the Zones of regulation and social thinking skills. If anyone has a question or concern Amber will problem solve and lend a hand wherever she is needed. She goes above and beyond what is being required of her and should be acknowledged for what she takes on. Amber has truly been an asset to our school and has become a close personal friend as well. I do not know what we or I would do without her abilities and skills on out Team. Thanks You Amber for your service and ingenuity!

    Janet Murray, Special Education Resource teacher

  • Quyana to Matt Rothwell at Muldoon Elementary!

    Matt is the level headed, calm, consistent rock that holds our special education team together. He goes above and beyond for our special education team and more importantly, our students in special education. He conducts all of our special education testing. He intervenes on intensive behaviors. He is always willing to give a hand, give ideas, give what students need, give feedback, and advocate for our team needs. Our students in special education are truly lucky to have him part of their school team. Our team cannot do it without you! Thank you for all of your help!


    Muldoon Elementary SpEd Team, Resource Teacher

  • Quyana to Amber Shoemaker at Chinook Pre-K!

    Amber is amazing with the students. She goes above and beyond her duty to make sure the students are successful. Her disposition is extremely calm and collected. She brings a wonderful energy to the classroom. Quyana to you for all your hard work and dedication to this class.

    Melissa Matthiesesn, Teacher

  • Quyana to Leola Rutherford at Girdwood School!

    Leola is the 6th grade teacher and she is the debate coach, and also does a lunch time club. She even has canvas all set up for if students are gone, or an easy way to access assignments. She works extremely hard to make sure her students get the education that is needed. Thanks you Leola.
    The students need you!


  • Quyana to Jamie Hobson at Ptarmigan Elementary School!

    Mr. Hobson is a very important part of our school community at Ptarmigan Elementary School.

    Not only does Mr. Hobson run our after school program, 21st Century Community Learning Center, he is also someone the whole staff values and relies on through out the day. He is often seen checking in on teachers to see how they are doing through out the day. Mr. Hobson is always on the radio when assistance is needed through out the building. We appreciate his dry sense of humor and can always count on his ear when we need to reflect on our day.

    Mr. Hobson makes special connections with the students at Ptarmigan Elementary School also. He is often seen with students talking about how school is going and why it is important to do well in school. Students at Ptarmigan appreciate having Mr. Hobson at school to listen to them.

    We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working team player. Thank you Mr. Hobson for choosing to work at Ptarmigan Elementary School and making a difference with not only with our students but our staff!

    Carol Tucker, Coworker

  • Quyana to Jessica Tullis, Timothy (Tim) Baranov-Kaderman , Daelani (De-De) Cardoza, and Vyvian Lucio at Ptarmigan!

    I would like to recognize the amazing work of our Structured Learning Classroom (SLC) Teacher Assistants (TAs) at Ptarmigan Elementary. Mr.Tim, Ms. Vyvian, Ms. De De and Ms. Jessica all work in self-contained classrooms with our highest needs students and do so with patience and understanding. Their positive attitude, dedication, and the ability to work as a team to benefit students makes Ptarmigan an amazing place to work.

    Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Brandi Goeth at Kasuun Kindergarten Teacher!

    Brandi has been instrumental in not only her class' success, but also the success of the other kindergarten class at Kasuun. I felt like i was barely treading water when started subbing for the other kindergarten class at the start of the year and Brandi has shared all of her valuable insights and tools with me throughout this month. I greatly appreciate her input and help. I could not have done this without her and her support.

    Jeffery Mayfield, Substitute Teacher

  • Quyana to Linda Korevec at Kasuun Elementary School!

    Quyana Nurse Linda! You are truly super woman and an incredible person. This school year would not be possible without your dedication and compassion for the care of our students, families, and staff. There is not another person that can do what you are doing to keep us all safe and healthy all while having a smile and sense of humor. Qyuana times a million!

    Amy Goldberg-Tseng, Teacher

  • Quyana to Shauna Booton at Kasuun Elementary School!

    Quyana Shauna for being an incredible support in and out of the school. I know that whatever needs to be done will get there with your thoughtfulness and support. You put our students and families first and truly have their best interest in your decision making, but always willing to support the staff members in Kasuun. Quyana for being dependable, reliable, and a listening ear.

    Amy Goldberg-Tseng, Teacher

  • Quyana to Carrie Eischens at Kasuun Elementary School!

    Quyana Ms. Carrie for being a problem-solving positive influence in our school. I have no fear when needing to find something or someone because you are there helping us out and ensuring the school day can run smoothly with appropriate coverage. This year especially has been difficult, but you have handled things effortlessly. Quyana!

    Amy Goldberg-Tseng, Teacher

  • Quyana to Michilani Wiseman at Kasuun Elementary School!

    Huge shout out and Quyana to our amazing secretary, Ms. Michi! Our school could not run without Ms. Michi's incredible organization, passion, empathy, and understanding of our students and their families. She is such an incredible support to our entire community and always has a joke and smile ready even in the most stressful moments. Quyana Ms. Michi!

    Amy Goldberg-Tseng, Teacher

  • Quyana to Kristen McRoberts at Ptarmigan!

    I'm writing this email to tell you how much I appreciate Mrs. McRoberts and her exceptional teaching skills, to include caring for each of her students and the positive impact she has had on two of my children that have been lucky enough to be in her class for Kindergarten (Ashlynn in 2017/2018 and Taylor for 2021/2022).

    From the moment I met Kristen in 2017, I knew she truly loved teaching. The way she interacts with each student is truly remarkable. She shows them how to begin an important life skill of being independent from the very first day of school, which is hard to find in a person these days and is one of her best qualities. She is thoughtful, warm and sets expectations for her students that set them up for success for their future school years. She shows dedication by providing a positive classroom environment that my girls were/are eager to get back to each morning. I was thrilled to see that my youngest would be in her class this year.

    People like Kristen are hard to find. I'm thankful to have been able to have such a wonderful person be a part of my children's kindergarten year.

    Brenna Napier, Parent

  • Quyana to Naomi Alo at Transportation!

    Shout out and Quyana to our amazing Scenic Park bus driver, Naomi Alo!! Naomi shows up everyday with a smile, knows the students on her bus, and has been helpful as we problem solve daily challenges. Transportation has creatively worked out a double drop to help us utilize one route, she is on time and collaborates with us on how to be efficient. We are so thankful to have Naomi as the first person our students see in the morning and the last one they see in the afternoon. She is doing a great job and is making a difference in our community! We appreciate you, Naomi, AND the entire transportation department!!

    Lori Rucksdashel, Principal

  • Quyana to Kristin Nemecek at Campbell STEM - Librarian!

    Mrs. Nemecek is dedicated to the staff and students at Campbell STEM. She not only runs a successful library, she also works with staff to provide STEM Makerspace each week to multiple classes. She is always willing to support student learning.

    Dr. Jenny Whitt, Principal

  • Quyana to Emily Smith at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!

    Mrs. Smith greets every student with enthusiasm every period of every day. She has a challenging schedule which requires a great deal of planning and is every exhausting, yet she never lets the stress of teaching multiple classes, through a pandemic, negatively color her interactions with students or staff. Her ability to capture her student's attention and instill a love of learning is awe inspiring. I am so grateful that she has chosen to teach at Anchorage STrEaM Academy and make a difference in the lives of those around her! Great job, Emily!

    Sylvia F Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Tracie Ashman at Special Schools!

    Tracie goes above and beyond to ensure Special Schools is set up for success. Not many realize the abundant amount of time she spends with agencies, the negotiations she makes, the challenges she faces and tackles, and her continuous advocacy for staff. Tracie's passion for her staff and student success is bright! We appreciate all you do for, us, your staff, the students, and the agencies we work with! You are an amazing individual with a full heart!

    Lindsey Shangin, Peer

  • Quyana to Michael Watson at Summer Camp Host!

    Klatt Elementary is proud to recognize the work that Mr. Watson did for the safety as the Klatt camp host this summer. He worked diligently to ensure safety on the property, beautified the grounds, planting flowers and strawberries in the garden boxes, as well as planting a flower bed under our school marquis. Mr. Watson took pride on our school, in his work, and in his interactions with staff as they returned from break. For this, we recognize him as an outstanding citizen and are proud to have him as a part of our Klatt community. Quyana, Michael Watson!

    Mary Wood, Assistant Principal, Klatt Elementary

  • Quyana to Jared Hammer at Maintenance/Electronics!

    Jared came by our school to fix a problem with our security system and was also able to help us solve another issue we were having. He was willing and able to trouble shoot on the spot and we really appreciate him taking the time to go over and above! Thank you, Jared!

    Kimberly Buskirk, peer

  • Quyana to Katherine Greene at Information Technology!

    Quyana to Katherine who made herself readily available to feed me statistics on the ASD Virtual Program while administrators participated in a media interview with a national trade publication. I only asked for the info within 24 hours, but Katherine jumped on it, and I was able to feed the stats to the journalist in real time while the interview took place via Zoom, thanks to Katherine's efforts.

    Lisa Miler, ASD staff member

  • Quyana to Sarah Hotchkiss and Tiffany Christiansen at Talent Management!

    A huge shout out to Sarah Hotchkiss and Tiffany Christiansen in Talent Management. Both of these skilled ladies make themselves available to respond to and help me with personnel needs and questions in a timely manner. One such example, when new candidates apply for open positions at my school, they send me the names, saving me valuable time searching. Without exception, they are positive, polite, and professional in supporting ASD schools. Thank you Sarah and Tiffany for making my job easier!

    Heidi Packer, Bayshore Principal

  • Quyana to Maria Estonilo and Michelle Paule at Student Nutrition!

    These ladies have been amazing hard workers throughout our summer time together. It will be sad to see them go to other schools. As we have been the busiest school in the district for summer school these 2 ladies have really stepped up! Maria's personality has really helped keep spirits high, and Michelle's hard work ethic has kept us ahead of the game the whole time!

    Me and Mrs. Lisa appreciate you 100%!!!

    Andy Harrell, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Pete Rivera at Maintenance!

    Mr. Rivera took time out of his busy schedule to kindly assist us in moving lumber that was delivered to our summer school building. We appreciated his help with such a big job. Thank you so much for making our load lighter!
    "Many hands make light work"

    Brenda Cheathon, Principal

  • Quyana to IT Service Desk at Anchorage School District

    Thank you to the employees who answer the phone and solve all IT problems. I called them many times over the past 10 plus years and they were always respectful, courteous and helpful. They were patient and always solved the problem. They are role models for customer service!

    Lisa Hanson, teacher

  • Quyana to David Fink at Auditorium Technician!

    Dave was a huge help setting up and tearing down at South’s graduation. He was only required to deliver the stage, set it up, and take it down. He did so much more from helping to put the 1200+ chairs on the field and encouraging others to stacking chairs and moving items from the field after graduation. We really appreciate all that he did to make our graduation a success.

    Lydia Frankenburger, South Librarian and Graduation Coordinator

  • Quyana to Kelly Priebs at Highland Academy


    Ms. Priebs went above and beyond when she helped my son catch up in Math. During the Spring of 2020, my son fell behind in math. Ms. Priebs designed a special syllabus and met with my son virtually every week to get him caught back up. It was a whole semester's worth of work. Now, he is ready to move on to the appropriate level! We couldn't have done this without Ms. Priebs' efforts, patience, perseverance and her caring nature. THANK YOU MS. PRIEBS- YOU ARE AMAZING!!

    - Ann Lovejoy, Parent

  • Quyana to Adam W Mokelke at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!

    During this most challenging year, navigating through an unprecedented pandemic, Adam Mokelke has proven himself, again, to be an outstanding leader and principal. He made difficult decisions, and empowered his teaching, administrative and clerical staff to identify and solve challenges. Adam recognized the need to add new and different communication tools and successfully hosted a weekly video podcast that informed and educated the STrEaM Community and, in fact, the entire ASD community. Adam has worked to make sure that his staff is making positive choices toward their mental and physical health, by encouraging a staff several times a week and checking in on each staff member. Under his leadership the Cognitive Coaching Model is alive and thriving at STrEaM Academy. Thank you, Principal Mokelke!

    Sylvia Field Biondich, Employee

  • Quyana to All Teachers at Girdwood School

    All of the teachers at Girdwood School are amazing. They not only teach there class but help out in other classes. They work hard making sure every single kid is sucessful. They are a treat to have in this community.
    thank you teachers!


  • Quyana to Service High School Staff at Service High School Staff!

    Over the course of the past two years, Service High School Staff have made school-wide critical shifts in literacy instruction and the building of collective teacher efficacy under the CLSD Literacy Grant. Staff and leadership have committed their time, energy and efforts to: mainitaining positive relationships with students, engaging in data-based conversations focused on student outcomes and access to rigorous coursework; designing and implementing PLCs; onboarding of job-embedded, peer coaching; as well as the implementation of evidence based literacy strategies (across grade levels and content areas), curriculum, instructional practices, and assessment. Despite the situational impacts of a global pandemic on the learning community, Service High School staff and leadership, serving upwards of 1400 students, continues to have an intentional focus on “a relentless pursuit of excellence in literacy to dramatically increase achievement.” Thank you and kudos for your intentional, continued committment to meeting the needs of your unique students.

    Christine Dennis, CLSD Grant Project Director

  • Quyana to Clark Middle School Staff at Clark Middle School!

    Clark Middle School has provided me with exceptional learning experiences during the last three years. Clark is a place with exceptional teachers, staff and leaders who truly care about students, who build us up for success and help us find our voices. From the moment you enter the school in 6th grade, to the time you prepare to leave as an 8th grader - you are a valued contributor to the learning community and provided countless opportunities to achieve and thrive. Thank you for helping me build confidence, find my voice and grow my skills and knowledge.

    Katelyn Dennis, 8th grade student

  • Quyana to Ron Benton and Brandon Gall at Ptarmigan Elementary School!

    A special thank you to Mr. Benton and Mr. Gall. As a team they have supported the students and staff at Ptarmigan Elementary School this year. They have collected progress monitoring data, benchmark data, ran intervention groups, covered recess, covered cross walk duty, and supported staff and students however needed during this critical time. Their positive attitude and willingness to step up to get things done has been very appreciated. They have made this year so much better for us all at Ptarmigan Elementary School. Quyana Mr. Benton and Mr. Gall! We are so thankful for you and your contribution to our school! You have made a difference this year!

    Carol Tucker, Instructional Coach

  • Quyana to ASD Art Department and ASD Music Department at Anchorage School District!

    Thank-you so much for providing meaningful and engaging Art and Music lessons on CANVAS for my 3rd graders. We started and/or completed most of the lessons together both on ZOOM and in the classroom. I do not possess much talent in either of these areas, so your lessons were greatly appreciated every week!

    Michelle Eicher, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Quyana to Sra. Del Real, Señor Elliot y todas las TA at Goberment Hill Elementary School!

    Profesionales como ellos, hacen un futuro mejo para sus alumnos y ala sociedad

    Maricela, Padre de familia

  • Quyana to Lisa Sam at Librarian Services Supervisor!

    Quyana cakneq to Lisa Sam and her team for assisting in our expansion of Indigenous and Native literature in ASD Libraries. Lisa and her team assisted in finding the best and most expansive listings of eBooks during our school-closures and she has taken the time to find more Alaska Native and American Indian book sources to purchase for our in-person libraries. This is such valuable work completed for all students in ASD. Assirpaa, Lisa!

    Nasisaq Krystalynn Scott, Title VI Indian Education Supervisor

  • Quyana to Sheryl Morrison at North Star Elementary!

    A huge thank you for the many years of service at North Star Elementary. You are the face of the front office and provide a warm welcome to everyone. Parents and students alike benefit from your student focused service. Your vast knowledge of the inner workings of the school and office will be greatly missed. We simply adore you!!!!

    Kathy Everett, Assistant Principal

  • Quyana to Marie-Ann Nidoy at Lake Hood-SBBS!

    Marie Ann is an outstanding addition to our SBBS community and we are fortunate to have in our program. Her quiet, yet observant methods provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students and staff alike. Marie Ann is trusting, compassionate and strives daily to meet the needs of our students. She has been an integral part of our program for many years and strives to educate herself and learn from others so that she can help our students even more. She has a kind heart and is an essential part of our SBBS team.
    Thank you Ms. N!

    MojoB, Colleague

  • Quyana to Ginger Moser at Human Resource Department!

    Ginger Moser has provided customer service to me and in all my positions for the last 20 years in ASD. As a first time employee in 2001 and now as a AP she has always answered my questions, helped me with all HR processes, guided me when I needed and she has done so with great energy, a smile and lots of knowledge. She is supportive and has great follow through. Ginger thank you so much for all your work, I really appreciate you.

    Maria Hernandez, Assistant Principal Benny Benson

  • Quyana to Michael Bushey at Hanshew Middle School!

    As a virtual math teacher, Mr. Bushey has been kind, understanding, and gives feedback on a platform that doesn't offer much feedback. He has offered more feedback on geometry assignments and assessments than all other virtual teachers combined. Thank you Mr. Bushey! You've made the last quarter easier to manage, and complete.

    Ryan Whitmore, Student

  • Quyana to Aimee Kahler at Lake Hood Elementary!

    The past year and half cannot be understated in the challenges and changes that Covid brought to every aspect of life, and yet it also brought out the best comradery and team work that I have had the privilege to be part of, and at the forefront is Principal Aimee Kahler, whom is bar none the best supervisor in all the 20+ years with ASD. Aimee created a work environment for staff to feel safe and a school where students stop noticing barriers and got back to in person learning

    Suzette Johnstone, staff

  • Quyana to Patty Whited at Government Hill!

    Mrs. Patty Whited is a light and a joy to everyone she comes into contact with. She is generous with her time, resources, personal assistance and above all, generous with kindness. Patty is a large reason I love going to work at Government Hill. She is a true example of a wonderful person, and teacher.

    Meghan Tweit, Occupational therapist

  • Quyana to Joyce Schnese at Records Management!

    Thank you Joyce for hosting the Cumulative File Open House at the Ed Center. It was very helpful to spend face to face time with you and learn more about student files. I appreciate how willing and helpful you always are!

    Laurie Nusbaum, peer

  • Quyana to Principle Jefts, teachers, and staff at Gruening Middle School!

    Thank you Principal Jeft, teachers, and staff at Gruening Middle School for celebrating our Honor Roll students every quarter. Throughout this whole school year they have figured out the logistics on how to celebrate our kids while maintaining COVID protocols. Our 7th grade daughter was excited to go receive her certificate and SWAG bag and be recognized for her hard work every quarter. You guys rock. Go Colts!!

    Laurie Nusbaum, parent

  • Quyana to Annelise Burgess and Nithya Thiru of Storyworks at Storyworks!

    Annelise and Nithya were incredible at hosting a storyworks circle and teaching and facilitating storytelling with my ninth grade students. It was awesome to see my students grow in confidence in their ability to share stories by the end of the program. They did a great job.

    Sam March, Teacher

  • Quyana to Tiffiny Hatcher & Kim Hughes at Scenic Park Elementary!

    Tiffiny & Kim are the most amazing office staff and I am honored to work with them. Thank you both for always being there!

    Tracy Taylor, peer

  • Quyana to Gavin Miche at Gruening Middle School!

    Gavin is awesome. He is very diligent about making sure that the cleaning supplies for my classroom are always full. Gavin also always has a spring in his step as he goes around the building. Thank you Gavin!

    Zachary Bloom, Peer

  • Quyana to John Goetz at School Resource Officer!

    Thank you Officer Goetz for keeping the children in our community safe. There has been traffic concerns about speeders near Ravenwood Elementary. I notified the school and SRO. The next day, Officer Goetz was on site to keep on keep an eye on the intersection and to aid students to cross the road safely. I appreciate the principal and SRO taking swift action to help resolve the unsafe traffic situation.

    Catherine Haese, parent

  • Quyana to Susan Berger at Ocean View!

    Susan is like the den mother for all staff and students in this school. Even when she is having a tough day (personally), she will slap a smile on her face and be a sympathetic ear for the frustrated staff member or student. I have seen this woman be a nurse, friend, parent, t/a, etc. I am so happy to have her in my life as she has truly become a positive light in these tough times, for that I am infinitely grateful to her!!!

    Andy Harrell, Peer

  • Quyana to Howard Mozen & Scott Perkins at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!

    Howard Mozen and Scott Perkins, aka Coaches Mozen & Perkins, have done an amazing job extending outdoor learning into an adventure that inspires and engages the middle school students at Anchorage STrEaM Academy. Thanks to these two energetic teachers, ASA was able to provide cross country ski lessons and practices to approximately 20% of our student body, while still maintaining all the pandemic protocols. Students were able to get outside with friends across grade levels and experience Anchorage from a different perspective. ASA is very lucky to have such dynamic teachers as Howard Mozen and Scott Perkins.

    Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Thomas Johns at ASD Purchasing!

    Thomas Johns is an exceptional leader. He has made it possible for the ASD Purchasing staff to be productive and successful while working throughout the pandemic. He was quick to create a system of technology and file sharing in order for the same amount of accuracy to be produced from the Purchasing Department. His management techniques are thoughtful, organized and consistent. He rises above expectations daily by always making himself available or giving a time when he can get back to you with an answer. His quick wit makes us laugh every day. The precedent for Customer Service he sets for his staff is to be courteous and to always use patience and kindness when helping other ASD School and Department Staff. We appreciate him and are thankful.

    Tammy Foster, Fatou Jagne, Sean Mcgrane, Sylvia Smith & Lisa Young
    ASD Purchasing Administrative Assistants

    Lisa Young, ASD employee

  • Quyana to Jory Mewborn at Ocean View secretary (lady BOSS)

    Jory has been a constant positive impact on the entire school! In the time that I have known her I have seen her be bathroom attendant for students /stand in for a teacher needing a bathroom break /a calming voice to a student having a hard time /greeter to students as they get to school etc etc. I'm constantly impressed with her ability to pivot and handle anything needed. Jory is a absolute pleasure to know!

    Andrew Harrell, "THE LUNCH LADY"

  • Quyana to Robert Pickford at Northern Lights ABC BPO

    Bobby is amazing. He's always moving to clean, organize, or help, and actively seeks other things to do. From delivering lunches to fixing TV carts, Bobby does more to help us run - not just smoothly, but superbly well - than any BPO I've ever been priveleged to work with. He is kind, thoroughly thoughtful, and absolutely the best! Thank you, Bobby, for the million and one things you do with a smile!

    Alta Collins, Librarian

  • Quyana to Karen Pritchard at Dimond!

    Karen is one of those hardworking, behind the scenes people that makes us all look and feel good good. She efficiently reviews paperwork, arranges meetings with students and families, and is often the first point of contact for them as they enter high school special education services. You will often find her stepping up to fill in gaps when other staff are absent or help is needed. Thank you, Karen, for all you do every day for all of us at DHS.

    Christine Zelinsky, SPED Department Chair

  • Quyana to Ralph Theisen at Lake Hood SBBS Intervention Coach!

    Coach T has been with the Lake Hood SBBS program since its inception. He is a truly compassionate, caring individual who puts the needs of our students first at all times. Coach T is greatly admired by the students and helps to make our team cohesive and fun. Not only does Coach T help support the SBBS program with his skills, he also adds his creative side with his drawing! The students love working with him and receiving one of his fabulous drawings and are inspired by his creativity.

    Mojo B, Colleague

  • Quyana to Gabby Hoyt at Lake Hood SBBS!

    Gabby Hoyt is one of the most extraordinary, hard-working and instrumental members of our SBBS team. She is compassionate, thoughtful, kind and always puts the needs of our students first. Gabby is not only an exceptional member of our team, she has amazing artistic talents that she also implements in our classroom. She is 100% reliable, cooperative and observing her skills evolve over the years has been and the confidence she has gained has been a wonderful journey. Keep up the strong work!

    Mojo B, Colleague

  • Quyana to Emily Smith & Lilly Goodman-Allwright at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!

    The 8th grade team at ASA is AMAZING! Emily Smith (LA & SS) and Lilly Goodman-Allwright (SC & MATH) have been preparing 8th graders to transition to high school while taking on the challenge of creating lessons that are engaging and exciting when taught remotely and in-person. Both are teaching multiple content areas at a variety of learning levels and putting in hours and hours of work to prepare content that is well planned and structured AND INTERESTING! Emily and Lilly have created fabulous project based learning opportunities that are cross curricula and fit the mission and vision of Anchorage STrEaM Academy. ASA is lucky to have such dedicated and strong teachers for our 8th graders!

    Sylvia F Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Andie Link at Bowman Paraprofessional

    Andie supports not only her assigned, but all Bowman children. She is devoted to their educational needs, and shows them the compassion, patience and kindness. She ensures our kiddos love buckets are full. Andie beautifies our school and makes it an aesthetically pleasing "happy place". Recently, she took a maintenance eye-sore (leak prevention) and ingenuously turned it into a work of art for our students and families to view from outside. Please email me so I can send you the pics! Thanks!

    Bright Nygard, Peer

  • Quyana to Maria RoelVecino at West Anchorage High School/World Language Teacher

    I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Señora Roel for the amazing person that she is. I have had Señora Roel as my Spanish teacher for 2 years now, last year and this year. In the in-school setting and school via ZOOM, Señora Roel has been an amazing teacher! She is positive, interactive, understanding and extremely flexible in the way that she teaches. Many times, she took one-on-one time to make sure that I understood the material we were learning. She goes the extra mile to make sure that each and every one of her students can learn and operate at their best. She also tries her very hardest to contribute what she can to every students path/life, so that they can achieve their goals for the future. I have seen this firsthand.


    As a senior this year, I wanted to graduate early (December). However, with the alternate schedule due to the pandemic, there were a few roadblocks. One of them was my completion of my AP Spanish course. After talking with Señora Roel, she coordinated with school Administrators {shout out to them too;)} and was able to add me to her Quarter 2, Spanish 3 class. She then gave me my own AP Course to complete on an online learning site. If it had not been for her flexibility, effort, understanding and kindness, I would not have been able to graduate early as I wished. So to her I would like to give and immense thank you!


    Muchas gracias, Señora!! No lo podría haber hecho sin usted!!! Te veo en Mayo!!!:):):):):)

    Monica Sutton, Student

  • Quyana to Lynn Mayberry-Burke at Lake Otis Elementary!

    Ms. Lynn Mayberry-Burke is a kind person! She is always willing to listen and help everyone. She goes above and beyond to help wherever needed. Thank you Ms. Lynn for all that you do! You are appreciated more than you know!

    Teresa Brummer, Paraprofessional

  • Quyana to Gary Martin at Gruening

    Thank you Gary Martin of Gruening Middle School! My son 3D-printed a project in Applied Tech that he wanted to give to his sister for Easter. The project broke toward the end of the day on Friday. Out of the kindness of his heart, Mr. Martin REPRINTED the project and DELIVERED it to our house Saturday in time for my son to gift his sister the project for Easter! Mr. Martin truly went above and beyond and touched our families' hearts. Thank you Mr. Martin for taking the time out of your weekend to show such a wonderful gesture of dedication to your student.

    Julie Jordan, Parent

  • Quyana to Heather Mildon at Chugiak Elementary!

    Quyana to our principal at Chugiak Elementary, Heather Mildon, for her superior leadership through an unprecedented year. Ms. Mildon led our staff with grace and an unrelenting vision of providing our students with nothing less than excellent instruction both online and in person. Always striving to improve her own practice for teaching and learning, she works tirelessly and is a model of a life-long learner and educator. Eager to share her depth and breadth of knowledge, and the resources at her fingertips, Ms. Mildon is the epitome of an instructional leader. This passion inspires her staff and ignites our enthusiasm to question, reflect on, and craft our practices to maximize academic growth. With her vehicle often one of the last in the parking lot, Ms. Mildon is no doubt THE hardest working principal in the Anchorage School District.

    Team Kindergarten

    Sharyl Steiding, staff member

  • Quyana to Carleen Ulbrich at Trailside!

    Mrs. Ulbrich goes above and beyond to make sure her students have the best education possible at school. Between zooms during Covid times and now in-person, she keeps the students engaged by her humor and stories. My daughter is very stubborn, but Mrs. Ulbrich see's right through and brings out her potential. Her open communication, flexibility, reminders for homework, and coordination with my daughter and other staff members at Trailside are greatly appreciated by my family. As a busy mom, know that you all are appreciated! Thank you Carleen for everything!!!

    Stephanie Polly, parent

  • Quyana to Jason Collins at Steller!

    I have had the privlege of supporting a student that Jason is both the teacher and advisor for at Steller. Jason is an outstanding teacher and cares deeply about his students. He works hard to build a rapport, meets them where they are at, and makes them feel welcome and comfortable. Keep up the good work, Jason. You are making a difference!

    Clare Hill, Community Member & ASD Employee

  • Quyana to Alfredo Morales at Tudor Elementary

    Alfredo Morales is our amazing BPO at Tudor Elementary! "Mr. Afredo" is known by all of the students and staff as a gentle, quiet, hardworking, and patient BPO. Mr. Alfredo goes out of his way to ensure we have a safe and clean school in which to work and learn; always willing to help out when necessary. Thank you Mr. Alfredo for all you do!

    Students & Staff at Tudor Elementary

  • Quyana to Richard Bierer at Anchorage STrEaM Academy

    Richard Bierer always gives his best effort in every task and situation. He is willing to step outside of his regular role as 7th grade Math and STEM teacher to help others. Thanks to Richard's persistence and dedication to Anchorage STrEaM Academy, ASA was able to secure a building substitute who will probably become a permanent member of our staff. Richard is always willing to help out at other ASD programs and lend his support and share his knowledge. ASA is very lucky to have Richard Bierer on staff.

    Sylvia Biondich, peer

  • Quyana to Tess Nott at Lake Otis Elementary!

    Tess is dedicated in helping my son learn to read. She has built a trusting relationship with my son and has always been there to answer my questions. She goes above and beyond in making sure my son has all the resources he needs to be successful.

    Jessica Phillips, parent

  • Quyana to Jo at Eagle River Bus Dispatch

    Whenever we have to call bus dispatch about a late bus, Jo always answers with a positive attitude. She gets the information to us immediately. She's super friendly and patient. Thanks for your work, Jo!

    Lisa Bunag, Parent

  • Quyana to Heather Brooks at Tudor Elementary!

    Heather is my right hand in the office at Tudor Elementary. She diligently works to keep our student records up-to-date, handles the phone calls with ease and makes Tudor a fun place to work. She knows all of the students by name and helps assist as students arrive and depart from school. Thank you Heather for all of the many things you do to help make our school great!

    Gail Patarini, peer

  • Quyana to Michael LoMonaco at Operation Maintenance!

    Romig MS appreciates Mike working quickly to get our snowblower up & running! Thank you for always being dependable. We couldn't have moved the amount of snow needed without your help.

    Gene Batac, Co-worker

  • Quyana to East High School Teachers who were moved for our school placement at East High

    "Everyone here at ANCCS would like to thank the East High School teachers who gave up their classrooms for our school. We understand how difficult it was for you to uproot and move. We are deeply indebted for the sacrifice you made.  Because of all of you, our students have a safe and healthy environment that will enable them to finish their academic year. Quyana."

    Clara Amidon & the ANCCS Staff, Teacher

  • Quyana to Entire East High Maintence Day Crew at East High

    "ANCCS staff would like to acknowledge the wonderful job the East High Maintenance Day Crew did in volunteering to help us settle into our new space that first day. They were all there helping this process of moving and unpacking the "hundreds" of pallets. Thank you from the bottom of our tired hearts."

    Clara Amidon & the ANCCS Staff, Teacher

  • Quyana to Russell Gates at Begich Middle School

    Russell Gates, Begich Middle School's Tech Dude, went above and beyond developing a system to scan student ID barcodes where our POS system was unavailable. We identified Russell's solution as something that could be used more widely throughout the District. Russell worked expediently and efficiently to integrate his system with our POS. Russell demonstrated technical expertise and a well thought-out system. When discussing possible changes, Russell prioritized making the system easy for staff to use, contributing to a safe and efficient operation.

    Gavin M Northey, Peer

  • Quyana to Andrew Harrell at Ocean View Cafeteria

    Mr. Andy is an awesome cafeteria manager! Even when students arrive late or realize at the last minute they forgot a lunch, he scrambles to get a meal to them on time, with a smile. The kids and staff appreciate his sense of humor (silly hats included) and willingness to be a team player. He's seen all over the building helping wherever it is needed, whether that be bathroom breaks, greeting students as they arrive, or even arranging for pizza for the staff!

    Amy DeWall, peer

  • Quyana to Sara Mullen, Charissa Chmielewski, and Sara Mullen at Service High School Art Department

    The Service High School Art Department recently helped the Service High Music Department obtain some dresses and tuxedo uniforms for our students. We are very grateful for their assistance in this matter. You are the best!

    Christopher Lubken, Melinda Deal, and Emilee Smith, Music Teacher Service High School

  • Quyana to Lisa Nassuk at Tudor Elementary PE

    Lisa does an amazing job not only co-teaching 6th grade (her "non-Covid" position is P.E. Teacher), but also help organize the gym and equipment so that other students in our school can snowshoe, ski, access indoor recreation, and use equipment to bring cultural learning to life. She is always reaching out to assist peers' needs and is an advocate and voice for teachers. Thank you so much Lisa

    Michelle Carton, Peer

  • Quyana to Liana Perez at Tudor Elementary!

    Liana brings a fun engaging personality to her class. She makes learning fun with her 'box of tools.' All students are learning, making progress and trending upward in results. Not all at the same pace but progress none the less. Teaching up to 6 different grade levels in one room can be challenging but Liana can handle with ease. Thanks for your contributions!

    Suzanne Perry, peer

  • Quyana to Argene Sanjose at ASD Accounting


    Argene has been such a help to me. I had a weird allocation that I was unsure how to do. She was extremely patient with me and took the time to help me. She never got frustrated and was so kind. I truly appreciate her help and her positive attitude! I know how busy the accounting department is and it meant a lot that she took the time to really help make sure this was done right.


    - Amanda Foster, Peer

  • Quyana to the Tutors and Teacher Assistants at Tudor Elementary!


    Tudor Elementary is lucky to have this group of talented and dedicated teacher assistants: Tamara Mosier, Kathy Anglin, Shaun Gum, Sue Perry, Makayla Freeman, Marilyn Martin, Kelly Wilson, and Maureen Johnson. These staff members have gone above and beyond to help students learn and support their co-teachers during this pandemic. Thank you all!


    A HUGE thank you for a job well done to our wonderful Tutors at Tudor Elementary:  Priscilla Acosta, Dorcas Santiago and Mackenzie Harvey. These ladies not only support their different programs but also the students and staff at Tudor.  Thank you for all you do!


    - Gail Patarini, Peer

  • Quyana to Mr. Holsopple and Ms. Kotelman at Anchorage STrEaM Academy


    Mr. Holsopple and Ms. Kotelman are working very hard to help safely transition students back into our building for In-Person Learning! They have put in hours of planning and have created a series of lessons with videos that will be used to introduce new and returning students to Anchorage STrEaM Academy's new Pandemic Protocols. They are excellent teachers, engaged citizens and valuable assets to the Anchorage School District. Our students are so lucky to have Mr. Holsopple and Ms Kotelman as teachers at Anchorage STrEaM Academy!


    - Sylvia Biondich, Peer

  • Quyana to Simon Rose and Jack Klauschie at Highland Academy Charter School


    Thank you for helping my son navigate online learning this year and being there to answer all my questions.

    Thank you for not giving up on my son. He went from struggling in social environments to loving the class and enjoying and understanding the content.


    - Jessica Phillips, Parent

  • Quyana to Tanya Krause at ASD Student Nutrition


    Tanya Krause is my coordinator. As long as I have known her she is always been someone that is always cheerful. When you have
    questions she is there with the answer and if she doesn't know, she finds out.Tanya is outstanding at her job and and I and others have the upmost respect for her. Thank you Tanya for all your hard work for us.


    - Carol Johns, Peer

  • Quyana to Cindy Hemry at ASD Elementary Education


    I would like to recognize and thank Cindy Hemry.  Her patience, understanding, and grace with those that she supervises is appreciated.  She is always willing to help problem solve issues that you bring to her.  Her support has truly helped me effectively lead Ptarmigan Elementary.


    - Kelly Ramey, Ptarmigan Elementary

  • Quyana to Mrs. Ramey and Mrs. Cyr at Ptarmigan Elementary!


    I am continually impressed with our administrators Mrs. Ramey and Mrs. Cyr with their teamwork leadership and how they both handle the uncertainties of this challenging times. Together they work to make sure that the staff are well informed of what was happening and what the expectations are. Staff is their first priority and they emphasizes the importance of relationship skills and making connection with not only with their staff but with students and families as well. Their patience, kindness, confidence and leadership inspires us all to do our best. THANK YOU for listening to our concerns. WE at Ptarmigan appreciate their continuous support, leadership and hard work.



  • Quyana to Ms. Jessica Tullius at Ptarmigan Elementary


    Ms. Jessica Tullius is one of our Teacher's Assistant (TA) in our Structured Learning Classroom (SLC) at Ptarmigan.  She has not only supported the students in this classroom, but also assisted a new TA and new to SLC teacher in this classroom.   Her calm demeanor, flexibility, and her positive attitude has really help all students and staff that she comes into contact with.    Thank you Ms. Jessica Tullius for being a great example for others to follow.


    - Kelly Ramey, Peer

  • Quyana to Diane Wall and Ashley Lally at ASD Education Center


    Diane and Ashley (and the rest of the team) are unsung heroes working tirelessly in the background allowing us to keep students and staff safe as we return to school.  I know that I wouldn't be able to do my job without them in my corner!


    - Mimi Bourquin, Peer

  • Quyana to Rick Zelinsky at ASD Band Instruction


    I wanted to take a few moments of your day to provide some feedback on our experience with Band during my daughter, Kylie?s, 6th-grade year.  Kylie has never played an instrument before and, to be honest, I was rather concerned that she would be frustrated and lose interest in music because of the virtual band environment of 2020.  I think if Kylie had just any band teacher, that would have likely happened.  However, we have been blessed to have Mr. Zelinsky teaching her how to play the trombone this year.  Mr. Z is continually energetic and engaging.  He provides feedback and constant encouragement for the kids to challenge themselves, practice, and learn.  He keeps us parents accountable to ensure our kids have the greatest chance at success with music.  I?m impressed with his talent almost as much as his perseverance to be a bright light for my kiddo in a year of challenge.  He is a gift and we will be forever grateful for all he has done for Kylie, teaching her to an instrument she has grown to love.


    - Laurie Meyer, Parent

  • Quyana to Robert DeBerry at ASD Communications and Community Outreach


    Robert has come to Anchorage STrEaM Academy for several events as a videographer/editor to help us with communications and community outreach. He is very easy to work with, extremely talented and FUN. His skills and professionalism are outstanding. He is a great example of excellence in our district!


    - Sylvia Biondich, Anchorage STrEaM Academy 


    Robert did a fabulous job on our promotional video.  He was easy to work with, kind, patient, and very knowledgable.  Thanks for a great job and fun experience!


    - Amy BonertzAnchorage STrEaM Academy 

  • Quyana to Whitney Street at Creekside Elementary


    Ms. Whitney is an amazing preschool teacher! We are always impressed by her professionalism and enthusiasm. She is a great communicator and has made the transition back to school seamless and safe. Quyana for making our son's preschool experience a happy and memorable one, in spite of the pandemic.


    - Tasha Newbill, Parent

  • Quyana to Wendy Jacobsen at Gruening Middle School


    I appreciate how open and kind Mrs. Jacobsen is when she is interacting with her 7th grade class. My daughter has her for Math and Science and I have been able to see the progress she is making with Mrs. Jacobsen as her teacher. Mrs. Jacobsen is always upbeat and enthusiastic during her class ZOOMS making all of her students feel welcomed.


    - Laurie Nusbaum, Parent

  • Quyana to Maggie Harth at Denali Montessori


    Quyana to Mrs. Harth, Denali Montessori's librarian, for her work with Battle of the Books. In spite of the shift to a virtual model, Mrs. Harth continued to prioritize the importance of reading for Denali students by offering virtual Battle practice after school. We appreciate Mrs. Harth taking the extra time during this hectic year to provide this opportunity. Her willingness to do so meant that my child read and interacted meaningfully with literature, and that he had a positive, safe way to connect with school friends during the distance learning period. Thank you, Mrs. Harth, for your hard work to make Battle of the Books happen for Denali's third and fourth grade students!


    - Tamara Cooke, Parent

  • Quyana to Meghan Cunningham at Highland Academy Charter School


    For helping me with everything and showing me all the support as a teacher/mentor.


    - Bri Ross, Student

  • Quyana to Lori Moore at Wonder Park Elementary


    Lori has been a great addition to Wonder Park this year with her POSITIVE attitude towards both students & staff!


    - Nelly Navarro-Britt, Peer

  • Quyana to the Grounds Crew at Orion Elementary School


    Orion Elementary would like to recognize the grounds departments for a wonderful job removing the snow from our playground/yard area. The kids have so much more room to run around and play! Thank you for all that you do.


    - Heather Patufka, Peer

  • Quyana to Heather Cromer at Wendler Middle School


    During these tough times Heather has made herself available to teachers who need help with the technical part of online teaching. She post daily announcements for the School. This has increased school spirit and helped students connect with the school better. I really appreciate her hard work and dedication.


    - Truman Newsome, Peer

  • Quyana to Alyson Tucker and Jamie Wolfe at Ptarmigan Elementary


    I would like to recognize Alyson Tucker and Jamie Wolfe for their support during testing at Ptarmigan Elementary School.  They were more than willing to support where needed to help students and staff during this time.  Their positive attitude and perseverance has been what students and staff at Ptarmigan needed during this time.  Quyana Alyson and Jamie!


    - Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Ryan Harris at Government Hill Elementary


    Thank you to Mr. Harris who, according to my children, is "the world's best librarian!" Mr. Harris has maintained an active library service throughout the school closures. He not only fulfills book requests promptly, but includes an individual message to each child and an extra book or two that always end up being their favorite. He's worked hard to continue Battle of the Books, monthly reading logs and awards, and other special events to keep students engaged. We appreciate you, Mr. Harris!


    - Ashley Van Hemert, Parent

  • Quyana to Katie Bisson at ASD English Language Learners


    I'm humbled and grateful to recognize Family Liaison Katie Bisson for her outstanding support as I mentored three ASD students in the ELL program. She has been our go-to resource since I met her at a parent-teacher conference two years ago. She taught me how to interpret test scores. She found a community volunteer to help tutor a student who was struggling. She conducted an exhaustive, 2-hour parent meeting entirely in Spanish during which she encouraged engagement and participation, then listened and thoughtfully responded to every concern. Katie checked in with us over the summer during her off time. She provided help with connectivity issues as we transitioned to online school, and moral support for our struggles more times than I can count. Also, she validated my concerns and gave me the courage to keep up my advocacy - when I felt myself yelling at the top of my lungs into thin air, she was sometimes the only one to respond. To hear me. To do something.


    - Erika Kelsey , Parent

  • Quyana to Chelsea Vukovich at O'Malley Elementary


    Miss Chelsea has been a wonderful part of 1st grade. With classes being on Zoom, she has done a fantastic job of engaging with the kids individually, making each of them feel special and recognizing them for their work and effort. She brings a smile to class every day and helps the kids stay excited and engaged. Thank you, Miss Chelsea!


    - Megan Peltier, Parent

  • Quyana to the Staff and Students at Kasuun Elementary


    I am a Technician with IT Field Services and have been traveling around the district and visiting schools to troubleshoot technical issues. I don't know exactly how many schools I have visited, but the number is easily in the dozens. That said, Kasuun Elementary has had everyone that I saw on my visit properly following COVID mask and social distances procedures. 

    I am so impressed with the staff at Kasuun, from the mechanical/janitorial staff to teachers to the admin team, and everyone in between. In my visit today (Jan 20), I saw close to a dozen-and-a-half staff members and at least double that number of kids and every single one was following procedures and ensuring the safety of everybody else. It truly felt like the team at Kasuun truly cared and was putting out the effort to ensure the safety and functionality of the school start.

    I wish that I knew some of the individuals at Kasuun Elementary so I could thank them personally. In lieu of that, I hope this message can be used to recognize the entire staff. You all were awesome and made me feel safe and cared about when I came to perform technical maintenance for one of your teachers.


    - Evan Jones, IT Field Services

  • Quyana to Laurel Andrews at Lake Hood Elementary


    Nurse Laurel is one of the most self-less, compassionate and kind-hearted people I have the honor of working and being friends with. Nurse Laurel has gone above and beyond to help our community during this most unique of times. She is one of our courageous front-line workers who strives daily to help keep us all safe and sound so that we can resume our lives again. Her empathy for others is genuine and she is highly respected by her peers. We all greatly appreciate all that she does, day in and day out. Thank you Nurse Laurel!


    - Shannon Basner, Peer

  • Quyana to Mike Moore at Steller Secondary


    I really appreciate the way you approach teaching kids. You know just how to ignite a spark of interest and grow it into excitement.  My kid was always telling me about the cool experiment you did or the silly song you played to help them memorize otherwise dull science facts. The fact that she told me says everything. I normally have to pry to get information out of my reticent child.


    - Donna Brechan, Parent

  • Quyana to Peggy Benton at Ptarmigan Elementary


    Peggy Benton generously offered her time and talents during the first semester to provide Music Zooms for my Virtual Kindergarten class.  She adjusted her already busy schedule to make time for my students.


    As a part of the ASD Virtual program, we do not have a formal music class, but when I asked Mrs. Benton if she would be willing to have a class with my kids, she immediately and enthusiastically said "Yes!"  She not only taught my students music, but she also incorporated  content from other curricular areas and prepared them for their return to brick and mortar education by introducing them to specialist instruction.  Mrs. Benton always goes above and beyond as an educator and does so with kindness and enthusiasm!  We are so lucky to have her in ASD!


    -Denise Ray, Peer

  • Quyana to Maria Adams at Ptarmigan Elementary School


    I would like to thank Mrs. Adams for her contribution to Ptarmigan Elementary School.  She is one of our Indian Education Tutors.  Her commitment to the education of students and staff when it comes to Alaska History and Culture is an outstanding contribution to our positive and inclusive culture at Ptarmigan Elementary.  She reminds us all of the history in simple but meaningful ways.  She is an advocate for students and families by reaching out and offering support outside of her job duties at school. Having Mrs. Adams at Ptarmigan heightens  our cultural awareness.  Thank you Mrs. Adams for all you do for all of us at Ptarmigan Elementary School!


    -Carol Tucker, Peer

  • Quyana to Bob Vandergriff and Nobuo Toba at Steller Secondary


    Bob has been a fantastic advisor and English teacher for our daughter. He's very focused on getting the best out of all of his students and advisees; the Steller Community is lucky to have him.


    Mr. Toba's dedication to the Steller Band is apparent to all who meet him. He encourages his students to challenge themselves and gives them the support and guidance they need to accomplish their goals. He has worked tirelessly to find ways for the band to continue to grow and shine despite the obstacles of distance learning and we thank him!


    -Brandon and Rebecca Brooks, Parents

  • Quyana to Library Resources at Anchorage School District


    The people who work in ASD's Library Resources are the unsung heroes of ASD libraries.  They are hard working, positive and ready to help at the turn of a page.  Because of this amazing small group, we (ASD librarians) are able to get books into the hands of our ASD students, staff and community...quyana...


    - Amy Brabec, Library Peep

  • Quyana to Rosa Hohnstein and Troy Fast at Steller Secondary


    Rosa was an amazing teacher! Her enthusiasm for teaching is wonderful. She made learning fun with hands on activities and all sorts of things. My time at Steller would not have been the same if it was not for Rosa. She has been an amazing role model and loves to be involved with the school. I have has so many fun experiences with her especially the ones when traveling!

    Troy was a wonderful advisor! He helped me grow over the past 6 in so many ways. He is such a charismatic person and loves kids. I can tell that everyone really loves his gym classes. Troy is also a great teacher and I give him props for teaching 2 different subjects. I?ve made some amazing memories in my time at Steller and the snowboarding intensive at Alyeska with Troy was a great one!!


    - Syri S., Steller Graduate

  • Quyana to Maestro Richard Zelinsky at Rabbit Creek Elementary


    Mr. Zelinsky has gone above and beyond to help and instruct 6th grade band students.  We had anticipated that learning an instrument via video was going to be a challenge for our 6th grader, but he has made it seem like private, in person lessons. He offers ZOOM meetings by instrument and posts videos of himself playing each lesson.  Then, he has compiled individually submitted recordings from his students to make a master mix of audio and video of the students 'playing' together.   An awesome showing of his passion for teaching.


    - Jennifer Mattingly, Parent

  • Quyana to Mary Koehler at Whaley School


    Mary Koehler is our secretary, front desk manager, and jane-of-all-trades.  Including doing her regular duties well, Mary makes sure everyone is supported, filling in when necessary, and being sensitive to our needs. Recently she helped finish a project when I was absent. Thanks Mary!!


    - Nancy Bale, Peer

  • Quyana to Jennifer Barclay at Ptarmigan Elementary


    Mrs. Barclay is not only a new ASD teacher but also a new Structured Learning Classroom teacher. Over the course of the year, she has quickly completed training, established distance services for her students, directed her TAs and rapidly learned the case management responsibilities special education teachers complete. Mrs. Barclay is a wonderful new team member at Ptarmigan and sets an example for her peers.


    - Michael Kage, Peer

  • Quyana to Marla Sanders at Steller Secondary School


    Last spring, when school was on line, you were one of the few teachers who had an online presence perfect for the situation. This was because you had  hours of video lectures ready, made new ones as needed and provided generous extra zoom sessions to go over as many examples as the kids needed until they "got it".  All of this was likely a lot of extra work for you, but you kept your sense of humor and upbeat attitude with the kids. Thanks for all your hard work Marla!


    - Donna L Brechan, Parent

  • Quyana to Annette Johnson at Steller Secondary School


    Annette, thank you so much for all the times you helped my daughter with her medical issues. She is comfortable asking for your help and I feel better knowing you are there for her.


    - Donna Brechan, Parent

  • Quyana to Amey Tamagni at ASD Special Education Department


    Quyana to Amey Tamagni, Administrative Assistant for Section 504 Plans!

    Amey readily and generously shares her expertise. As a novice 504 Coordinator, Amey helped me navigate the 504 process with patience and professionalism - focused on delivering optimum academic services for our students. Amey exemplifies ASD teamwork in action!


    - Laura Murray, Peer

  • Quyana to Simone Sanders and Ken Varee at Steller Secondary School


    Simone,  I am so glad I have been able to take your study skills class. You have really helped me improve my grades and give me good life advice. Thank you so much for helping me improve my skills. Thank you for taking your time and putting all your effort into helping me with math and other school projects that I was struggling with. I could always come to you if I ever needed help with anything and I really appreciate that. You are a great teacher and a great mentor. Thank you for everything you have done for me.


    Ken, I am glad to be in your advisory class and the other few classes that I had with you. Thank you for helping me become a better person and a better student. You were always there when I needed you and you would do whatever it took to help me. You helped me stay on track with school and I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I learned a lot from you in your classes, through advisory, and from you guiding me on the right path. I will be very sad to not have that kind of guidance and help throughout the rest of my life after I graduate. Thank you.


    - Vala S., Student

  • Quyana to Brian Gehring Steller Secondary School


    It is a pleasure to be able to express my thanks to an outstanding teacher, Brian Gehring.  His love of learning and his gift for teaching difficult and exciting concepts in the field of science and related fields has had an enormously positive impact on my son Michael and his classmates.  Brian is so smart, curious and funny and has a special way of bringing out the best in his students.  Everyday he helps his students celebrate a passion for learning and the desire to make the world a better place.


    - Jonathan Halpern, Parent


    Quyana to Jazerae Howell at Steller Secondary School


    Jazerae is a force of positive energy! She pushes her students to dream big and stretch in their playing abilities. Teaching orchestra over zoom is quite a challenge; Jazerae made it work and I believe they learned a lot in the process.


    - Donna L Brechan, Parent

  • Quyana to Sarah Osborne at Central Middle School


    Quyana to Sarah for being such a fabulous virtual teacher and site coordinator at Central Middles School! Sarah is devoted to her students, demonstrates great teamwork even with teachers from outside her school, and is willing to think outside of the box to help students be successful. I appreciate her and am encouraged to work even harder for my students when I work with Sarah!


    - Meghan Card, Peer

  • Quyana to Lynne Botwinick at Steller Secondary


    In addition to being a pleasant voice and first contact when we call the school, and all her regular duties, Lynne has taken on the challenge of updating the school Website. I really appreciate Lynne stepping up to do this at a time when ASD staff are already facing heavy workloads related to the pandemic, and she is new to the school.  On top of all that she has generously offered to coordinate with Parent Group.  Quyana Lynne!


    Quyana to Jennifer Hall Jones at Steller Secondary


    Jennifer has been an important part of the Steller community for many years.  Her dedication to making Steller a better place is evident in everything she does - from her role in the Steller Parent Group in the past, to her everyday work with students.  Steller appreciates you Jennifer! 


    Quyana to Jean Poulsen at Steller Secondary


    I really appreciate Jean's super chill tone, the way she takes interest in what students are interested in, and the way she implements Steller's philosophy of "responsible freedom" in all her classes. I especially appreciated these qualities during the pressure of online learning.


    - Kirsten Tschofen, Parent

  • Quyana to Frank Shaffer at Service High School


    Frank Shaffer continues to go above and beyond to support ASD students. Recently I shared with him that so many more of our students and their families are now struggling to have enough food every day due to the pandemic. Frank took the issue to heart and raised hundreds of dollars to provide food resources for students in our community by supporting The Giving Tree and Food Bank of Alaska. Frank is an educator who reaches out to students and staff and inspires us to look for the positive in ourselves by supporting others in our community. We are a better school district and better Anchorage because of teachers like Frank Shaffer.


    - Barb Dexter, Peer

  • Quyana to Leigh Anne Bonney at Steller Secondary


    Leigh Anne has been an excellent and consistent teacher this year, keeping her energy up despite often looking at a screen full of kids with their cameras turned off! She has guided students through  challenging work in 8th grade seminar class, generating a lot of interesting, timely discussions both at school and at home. Thank you, Leigh Anne!


    - Jessica Cochran, Parent

  • Quyana to Ashley Van Hemert at Steller Secondary


     I really appreciate that Ashley is very clear with instructions and has embraced some fun tools for on-line learning. She uses lots of visual elements and interactive websites. She is very understanding, and just kind of gets the awkwardness of being on Zoom and found some cool ways to make it less weird to participate at the beginning of the school year.


    - Lily Pannkuk, Student

  • Quyana to Brian Gehring at Steller Secondary


    Brian was back teaching on zoom 2 days after having back surgery! That is dedication. Brian also brings endless creativity and energy to his classes, and is always adding new elements to engage students in the material.


    - Jessica Cochran, Steller Secondary

  • Quyana to Jason Collins at Steller Secondary


    Jason is always very clear about expectations and assignments, and that is especially important this year.  He made sure there was more than one way to access the materials (live zooms, videos, sample problems.) Plus, he's super nice.


    - Jackson Pannkuk , Student

  • Quyana to Philip Flecktenstein at Steller Secondary


    This quarter, my daughter has Philip for 2 of 3 classes. We appreciate that Philip holds his students to consistently high standards, but also clearly conveys empathy for this year's unusual circumstances. This combination is highly motivating for my daughter and much appreciated!


    - Jessica Cochran, Parent

  • Quyana to ASD Information Technology at the Almighty Service Desk


    My computer locked me out of the ASD website, Zoom, and Tienet from Friday morning at 9:15 am to Monday morning at 8:15 am. I spent hours on the phone Friday with three different techs, who kindly worked on my problem.  Over the weekend Kief worked to reconnect my computer, and set it up so when I phoned at 8 am and spoke to Todd, he could tell me what to do in three strokes to reconnect.

    Thank you, IT techs!  You went above and beyond to help me reconnect with my students.  You guys are amazing!!!


    - Janet Copping, Peer

  • Quyana to ALL OF THE SCHOOL NURSES at Anchorage School District


    The school nurses demonstrated that they are powerhouses of public health. The massive flu shot roll out was epic!  I think that they deserve a nod and thank you for the contact tracing, flu shots and the care coordination. ASD nurses work tirelessly to meet the needs of the families they serve. The best learning happens when kids and ASD staff are healthy and engaged.


    Thank you school nurses.


    - Kitty Wellmann, Parent and Community Member

  • Quyana to Laura Freeman at O'Malley Elementary


    Mrs. Freeman has gone above and beyond for her 5th and 6th graders. She is the definition of patience, compassion, and professional. We feel lucky to have her teaching our son this year!


    Mrs. Freeman has gone above and beyond for her students. She puts in extra hours to ensure kids are being challenged, as well as just being there with an encouraging word. She is the reason that our daughter is excelling at school during this difficult year.


    - Chelsea Vukovich, Parent

    - Ali Selvik, Parent