• Tell me about ASD’s free internet service.

    ASD can assist in providing academic-focused internet access to students in need. Through this unique program, ASD will determine eligibility and will be the main point of contact for families requesting internet connectivity for learning. In support, GCI will program and distribute equipment for the service.


    Who is eligible for the free internet service?
    Families who do not have internet and cannot afford new internet service are eligible to apply for the program. Parents should contact their school directly to begin the application process. ASD is solely responsible for determining family and student eligibility for this program.

    How do I get set up with service?
    Families who are approved for this program will receive a cable modem or hotspot device in the mail. This device will be requested by ASD and mailed by GCI. Access to the internet through these devices will be filtered in accordance with ASD policies and regulations. That means many sites will be blocked.


    Can I install the device myself or do I need to call GCI to get it set up?
    In most cases, families will be able to install the device on their own without assistance from a GCI technician. Families who require support during the set up process should call 1-800-800-4800 for more information or can visit the GCI support page here.


    What kind of data and speed can I expect with this service?
    The data upload and download speed is designed to be sufficient for online, student learning. This service will not support entertainment-based content or sites.  


    Can I go to a GCI store to set up my free school internet?
    No. GCI does not determine who is eligible for this service. Approval must be granted through the ASD application process. Please contact your school directly for more details.


    Why can’t I just go to the GCI store to request this service?

    This service is only available through the Anchorage School District approval process. Devices will only be distributed through the mail and cannot be picked up at GCI stores.


    What does “academic-focused internet” mean?

    Academic-focused internet is intended to ensure students can access the online resources to support education and virtual classes. It does not provide access to entertainment-based content or sites. Accessible sites include, but are not limited to, Khan Academy, the Alaska Statewide Library Electronic Doorway, Institute for Excellence in Writing, and BrainPOP Math.  For a complete list of accessible online resources visit https://www.asdk12.org/Page/15109.


    I already have internet service. Can ASD increase the amount of data I can use?
    ASD is unable to offer any increase to existing data plans that families have with their provider.


    My school says I don’t qualify for free internet. What should I do?
    To help support students and teachers this school year, GCI is offering one free month of internet service plus a free Wifi modem to connect your home. Visit https://www.gci.com/offers/one-month-free-internet for more information of call 1-800-800-4800 to sign up. GCI is also offering one free month of wireless service

Last Modified on August 18, 2021