• Teachers are creating weekly paper packets. These materials can also be downloaded from their Canvas pages. For those who want a paper packet, pickup is available 8 am – 3 pm on Mondays. Families are welcome to come other days, but please not on Wednesday. We will not have the next week’s packets available the Friday before.

    Important – Paper packet materials do not replace the learning and activities completed during Zoom classes. Please have your student watch the recorded Zoom sessions if they miss them.

    · Parents and students are not allowed in the school building to pick up items/look around for items.

    · Parents will pull up to the front entrance curb and communicate with a Rilke Staff member from your vehicle. We will ask you for the name of the student(s), grade level and teacher. If a long line occurs, you will be directed by a staff member to park in the lot and wait for your items.

    · We will assist you when we can and there may be a wait. A Rilke Schule staff member will bring the materials out to your vehicle.

    · Please stay in your vehicle. We will be practicing social distancing to keep everyone safe.