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From the Principal

  • Kelly Eagleton


    Hello O’Malley Families! 


    I hope this email finds you getting excited for the start of the school year. I know you have many, many questions and I hope to answer them.


    First things first! School starts for grades 1-6 on Thursday August. 20th. Kindergarten will start a bit later on August 25th. We are still enrolling students and are missing a few, if you know families who have not enrolled or know of new Kindergarten families in your neighborhood, please encourage them to call and enroll their students for the new school year.

    Teachers returned to the classroom on Thursday August 13th and are participating in 5 days of trainings to prepare for your children and the new phase of online learning. They will be ready to go on the first day of school and will welcome you with an email later this week.


    Siblings and twins:  If you have children that are twins, I have put them in the same classroom to alleviate multiple teachers, Zooms and coursework. I am putting siblings close in age together in classrooms that have a combination classrooms where possible. I have also received many many requests for students to be grouped together on the same days when we return in person either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday. I know many families are working together for daycare, parent work schedules and study buddies. I will accommodate to every extent I am able due to teacher allocations.


    Classroom Teacher:  Your child’s classroom teacher will be sending you an email to introduce themselves and give you first day Zoom information. The first week of school teachers will meet with students and set up appointments with families to answer questions, learn about your family, and get contact information... Students will Zoom with their teacher and class to get settled in and learn about the new things they will be working on this year. Teachers will set expectations and start students on their new adventures in online learning. Students will participate in the typical beginning of the year activities that we normally do at school, such as writing what they did this summer, get to know you activities, placement tests… as they settle into routines. Teachers will teach students how to use Canvas and several online tools that will allow them access to their grade level content.


    Classroom Zoom Routines: Students will have 2 live Zoom sessions a day one morning and one afternoon M, T, Th, F, with follow up independent work, assignments and activities. Wednesdays are set aside for professional development for teachers, meetings, and independent course work for students. These assignments will be required, graded and attendance will be recorded.


    Canvas:  Canvas will be the main platform teachers will use for instruction and all assignments. All activities, assignments, and other items will be linked there. Teachers will teach your students how to navigate and manage it as students during the first weeks. I have included two links that will give you an overview to get started and a parent link so that you can add yourself as an observer on your students Canvas page.

     Canvas Overview Link: https://asdk12.instructure.com/courses/80490/assignments/109040?module_item_id=247424

     Parent Observer Guide Link:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MWP1pni55MIbaf-bssNiLItCYw6fTDsvK76tq0izZQE/edit


    Material Distribution – We will have one scheduled day to distribute materials for students. This may include Go Math Journals, Reading Anthologies, decodable texts for students in grades K-2, Handwriting Without Tears…. We will also have yearbooks from last year, such a long wait for those, it is our special Blue Ribbon Edition! This schedule has not settled yet; I will keep you posted!


    Chromebooks:  If you have a need for a Chromebook and have not requested one yet, please email me and I will contact you for more information. If you have already requested one and have not received it yet, it is on the way. The district is in the process of delivering over 12,000 Chromebooks.


    iReady – this is a new program students will all use this year. It replaces Math Whizz and Lexia. Students will take a placement test within the first few weeks of school to put them at their instructional level for both math and reading. This assessment will be taken at home and we please ask you not to assist your children as they take this assessment. It is adaptive and adjusts to their instructional level as they take the test. The initial placement test is designed for students to get about half of the questions correct and half incorrect as it zeros in on their instructional level. If they have assistance they will be placed incorrectly and students may experience frustration as will be above their “just right instructional level.” As we get going with our schedules students will spend time on iReady independently working through their coursework. This will be part of their weekly independent work time.


    Student Nutrition: If there is a need for free and reduced lunches this year, please apply as we do every year. Our Lunch Pick up Hub will be Hanshew Middle School until we return to school. For more information and to apply use this link:      https://www.asdk12.org/Page/13246


    Construction:  The bulk of our construction has been put on hold until next summer and our entry way has not been remodeled, our system for entering the building will remain the same when we return as we did last year. We do, however, have a new phone system that was installed last week and is still a work in progress, the answering machine isn’t working correctly! If you left or tried to leave a message and have not heard anything back, after calling the office, please try again! We are working on it with the vendor.


    I thank you for your time and your patience as we settle in to our new school year. I will keep you updated as new information becomes available. As always please contact me with any questions or concerns. This year will be a journey and I’m happy to be with you through it all. I truly hope to be back at school with you soon!


    We’ll “See you on Zoom!”


    Kelly Eagleton

    O’Malley Principal



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  • Bienvenue! French Immersion Program at O'Malley Elementary School We are happy to announce the beginning of the French Immersion Program here at O'Malley Elementary School! French Language Advocates Anchorage, FLAA, French Language Advocates Anchorage is dedicated to ensuring the success of the O'Malley French immersion program through fundraising and community cultural events. To learn more about FLAA, please visit their website at https://www.speakfrenchinak.org/about_us .


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News from the Library

Safety Corner


    • AO  NO. 2019  51(S), AS AMENDED                                                                                                                                   MUNI.ORG/ASSEMBLY


      no phones


      A new ordinance (law) passed by the Anchorage Assembly on June 20, 2019 makes it unlawful for a driver of any vehicle to talk on a mobile communication device while driving a vehicle within an active school zone or on school grounds, unless the vehicle is stopped or a hands-free device is used.



      • Student safety is extremely important. Distracted driving is dangerous.
      • Talking on a cell phone or mobile communication device is distracted driving and jeopardizes student safety in designated school zones.



      • A mobile communication device is a cellular phone, smart phone, personal data assistant, wireless tablet, computer, or any similar device used for voice or visual communication.
      • An active school zone is a school zone with signage between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and where the maximum speed is 25 miles per hour or less on the streets permanently or due to a temporary speed reduction indicated by flashing school zone lights.
      • A hands-free device is a phone with speaker capability, an attachment, or other piece of equipment that allows the use of the device without either of the operator’s hands.



      • A vehicle is stopped OR a mobile communication device is used with a hands-free device.
      • A mobile communication device is used to dial 911 and make an emergency call.
      • An operator of an authorized emergency vehicle is using a mobile communication device while acting in an official capacity.



      • A $500 fine, or
      • A class A misdemeanor if a person's driving causes physical injury or death to another person.



      • Why isn’t talking on cell phones banned while driving everywhere in Alaska? The State of Alaska has preempted Anchorage’s right to ban talking on a cell phone while driving, but reading or typing a text message while driving is prohibited statewide.
      • Can I call my student when I’m there to pick them up? Yes, if your car is stopped, then you can call your student on your cell phone. Or, you may call your student on a hands-free device.
      • Do these rules apply only when the school zone lights are flashing? No! Most schools don’t have flashing lights. These rules apply in an active school zone, where the speed limit is 25 mph or less, even if temporarily indicated by the flashing lights, and is designated by the signs posted that say “School Zone”. If the speed limit is never reduced to 25 mph or less, the street is not in an active school zone and the rules don’t apply even if there are signs.
      • How can I be sure if I am in a place where I can legally use my cell phone? If you are unsure, don’t use your cell phone! Pull over, stop, and use your cell phone when you are not driving.


      Reviewed by the Municipality of Anchorage Legal Department

      *This fact sheet is provided as a courtesy to the public to highlight provisions of the law; it is not the law. For specific details of the law and the requirements or prohibitions in the law, please refer to  the text of the ordinance (AO No. 2019-51(S)am) or Anchorage Municipal Code section 9.28.055.

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