• Zoom Info for Parent Workshops: 

    Meeting ID: 358 714 1535

     Passcode: homeschool 

    Can't make it to the live zoom parent workshops? You can access the recordings on our YouTube page!


    SPRING 2021


    January 22 at 6 pm 

    "Cultivating Kindergarten Writers"  

    Our own sponsor teacher, Megan Schneider, who has many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher, will show us how to take our kindergarteners from the beginning stages of writing (ie drawing pictures to express an idea) to writing sentences on their own.   Kindergarten Writing: From Drawing to Sentences PowerPoint presentation


    January 29 at 6 pm 

    "How to Make Social Studies Come Alive with History Unboxed"  

    Stephanie Hanson, an Educational Outreach Specialist with History Unboxed, will be talking about the science behind the importance of hands on learning and will share how to use hands on learning to make social studies exciting. 


    February 5 at 6 pm 

    "Creative Writing: Teaching your Child to Write and Publish a Short Story"

    Laurie Matthews will be teaching us how to take our kids through the process of writing a short story.  This workshop will be for useful for kids of all ages: kindergarten through 12th grade. The attached documents will be used in Laurie's teaching, so you can print them before or after the workshop to help you equip your kids to be creative writers.  If you can't make it to the live workshop, you can view the recording here


    February 9 at 3 pm 

    "What is AKCIS?" 

    An exploration of the AKCIS portfolio, including how students work with the interactive postsecondary planning tools.  AKCIS.org helps students answer these questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? Components we will cover include: Checklists, Career Plan, Favorites, Sort and Assessment Results, Resume Creator, and Stored Files and Links.


    February 19 at 6 pm 

    "Homeschooling Gifted Learners"  by IGNITE teachers Erin and Robin 

    Our presentation is based on the perspective of our experience as elementary IGNITE teachers. We will discuss characteristics of gifted learners and how students qualify for the IGNITE Program and for the Highly Gifted Program at Rogers Park Elementary School.  We will share ideas to consider when selecting curriculum for gifted students.  We will also present some curriculum ideas, games to keep students challenged, and a list of gifted resources and websites.  


    March 5 at 6 pm 

    "Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and How to Teach Resiliency to our Kids"


    March 19 at 6 pm

    "Tips and Tricks to Teach K-6 Spelling"by Sue Heinz

    Sue Heinz will explain that understanding the 'sequence of spelling' as it relates to the English language applies to all levels of students, K-6th grade. In addition, being able to recognize developmental stages and types of spelling errors guides successful instruction.  Practical suggestions will be shared. 


    FALL 2020 

    October 9 at 6 pm 

    ASD Music Teacher Julie Botero  

    "How to Create a Music Education Classroom in Your Home" 

    Julie Botero has been an elementary music classroom teacher for the past seven years. She holds a Bachelor's in Music Education from the University of Northern Iowa and a Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Ball State University. Mrs. Botero is a certified K-12 music teacher in the state of Alaska. She also serves as a board member for the Alaska Orff Chapter which provides professional development for music educators. Julie will share the things that elementary kids usually learn in the traditional music classroom and show us how to teach elementary music to our kids at home


    October 23 at 6 pm 

    State Library Representatives Daniel Cornwall and Julie Niederhauser  

    "Alaska Digital Library Resources for Homeschooling Families"  

    In this workshop, state library representatives will share all of the amazing, free resources offered to Alaska homeschoolers. Do your kids need homework help? Do you want them to learn a new language? Have you seen all the resources in the digital archives? Come and learn how to access all of these resources!


    November 6th at 6PM

    Anchorage Museum Education Department Coordinator Missy Gaulke

    "Homeschooling Resources from the Anchorage Museum'

    Missy will share TONS of resources with us, including community supported education boxes, virtual field trips, family classes and teaching resources. Come learn how to visit the museum and learn with them from home!  


    November 20th at 6PM

    ASD Teacher & Global Education Alaska founder Michelle Carton

    "Virtual Field Trips & Global Learning"

    Michelle, also known as MC the Global Librarian, is the founder of Global Education Alaska and an advocate for Global Citizenship for students and educators. She develops global projects and curriculum, contributes to journals and publications, and travels around the world both physically and virtually, writing a global learning blog, working with libraries, educational leaders, students, and parents to maximize learning potential for individuals and communities. In this workshop, Michelle will introduce us to her virtual field trips, give us tools to foster global citizenship and help our kids explore the world from home.


    December 4th at 6 PM

    "All About Acellus/Power Homeschool"

    One of our rockstar homeschooling moms is going to teach us all about Acellus/Power Homeschool! https://asdk12.zoom.us/j/3587141535?pwd=bHRWbWp0NjVVb2Z4dXo5TWRqRnQwZz09


    December 9th at 6 PM 

    "Teaching Math Facts and Multi-Digit Operations"

    We will be learning from Anchorage School District's Math Department Extraordinaire, Penny Williams, about Teaching Math Facts and Multi-Digit Operations. Penny has included some amazing articles for us to read about how kids acquire math knowledge. 


    Friday, January 8th at 6 pm
    "Science Fair Parent Workshop"
    Join us on zoom to learn about choosing a science fair topic, displaying it on a board, and all sorts of other fun science fair conversations.