• COVID-19 Resources

    ASD does not endorse or suggest any particular testing site or company, but the following information is provided to help you quickly locate resouces or testing sites.

    Alaska Responders Relief Line - 844-985-8275

    (Division of Behavioral Health) for healthcare and behavioral professionals

    AHD Community Health Nursing Program Manager (Art Tovar) 907-343-4651

    COVID-19 Monitoring - 907-885-8899

    APD Emergency Lines - 786-8900

    9-1-1 for Emergencies

    3-1-1 for Non-emergencies

    EOC Case Manager

    Transport to testing (non-critical) 907-343-1448

    Groceries - Salvation Army


    Housing - if needed (quarantine / Food) - (Scott Carpenter) 907-519-3350

    Medication Delivery - Script.com

    (fee based service $8.00 for delivery) text 727478 before 11am (Mon-Fri)

    MOA COVID-19 Nurse Line 907-885-9307

    SOA Lab Results 907-334-2101