• Step 2: Apply to UAA and Receive Student ID


    UAA requires AMCS students to officially apply to the University of Alaska Anchorage which will generate a UAA ID and allow you to enroll in college courses.  Also, the university requires completion of the Secondary Student/Parent Authorization form.  The generation of your ID number takes 48-72 hours to generate and is shared via the email address you entered on the application. Please view the video at the bottom of the page before starting your application.


    Link to UAA application, UAA Secondary Student Application

    Follow the instructions as directed on the webpage.  After clicking on UAOnline you need to click on "Just taking a Class".  This link is a bit hidden so here is a screenshot of its location, the right side of the page.

    Just Take a Class

    Link to UAA Authorization form, UAA Parent/Student Authorization form


    While waiting for your ID number, begin studying for the placement test and drafting a response to two short answer questions that you will submit as part of your applicationDo not take the tests without refreshing your understanding of concepts.

    Study Sources for Accuplacer

    Accuplacer Reading Study Guide

    Accuplacer Writing Study Guide

    Accuplacer Study APP!


    Study Sources for ALEKS

    Khan Academy



    Essay questions

    Draft answers to the following essay questions.  Each answer needs a minimum of 250-500 words and must follow grammar and punctuation rules.

    1. Why do you want to attend AMCS?

    2. Do you feel your transcripts reflect your academic abilities?


    Next Step:  Complete Placement Tests and Request Counselor Recommendation