Step 2: Complete Placement Tests

  • Once both applications are complete, you can now register to complete the placement tests. 

    Study Materials:  Only take your placement tests once you have reviewed your understanding of the concepts. Click here for information about each placement test.


    AMCS applicants need to register for the ALEKS test and the Writing Sample, as they will be administered and proctored by an ASD or UAA staff member. There is no cost to take the placement tests.  Schedule to complete these now.  You will need to schedule your ALEKS test at least seven days from the date you completed your UAA application. This will allow for a UAA student ID number to be generated.  The ID number is required for starting the ALEKS test. Please complete these tests no later than two weeks after receiving your UAA ID number.


    Writing Placement:  The writing sample is conducted online at home using GoogleDocs and Zoom.  


    Sign up here for your Writing Sample Date


    If these days and times do not work for you, you will need to complete the Accuplacer test, see below.

    Math Placement: The ALEKS test is conducted at King Tech High School during the following times.  Effective March 28, testing times are as follows:

    March 28 - May 20

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:  12:30 - 3:30 pm (except for Thursdays)
    • Thursday: 2:45 pm - 6 pm


    May 23-June 10

    • Monday and Wednesday 9 am - 12:30 pm


    ALEK testing is not available on these dates:

      • May 13, 30
      • Summer Break: June 11-July 10


    Summer Testing Dates (May 23-August 17)

      • Monday and Wednesday: 9 am-Noon


    Registrations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

    Register here to take the ALEKS test.


    Register and Take the Accuplacer Test

    Only register for the Accuplacer if you cannot complete the writing sample.

    Make an appointment to take the test today. You are required to wear a face mask and present a government issue picture ID before entering the testing area. 


    Register for the Accuplacer @

    • Select the Location: Alaska Middle College, Group: Placement Test, and then Exam: Placement Exam, in each section to sign up without cost.
    • UAA Testing Center website.  


    Students qualify for the AMCS program with one of the following UAA placement test scores:

    • Math - ALEKS ≥ 30 or
    • Writing – Writing Sample or Accuplacer ≥ 530


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