Step 2: Complete Placement Tests

  • Once both applications are complete,  now register to complete the placement tests. 

    Math Placement: The ALEKS test is conducted at King Tech High School after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 2:45 pm.  Tests must be started by 3 pm; otherwise, the appointment needs to be rescheduled.

    There is no cost to take the placement test.  Students need to schedule the ALEKS test at least eight business days from the date of completing the UAA application. This will allow time for a UAA to issue your student ID number.  The ID number is required for both placement tests.

    Schedule a Testing Appointment Now


    Study Materials:  Only take placement tests after refreshing/studying math concepts. Study packets (with answers) are for review of concepts that have already been learned.  Pick the ones that were completed in high school.

    Study Packet #1 - Basic Math

    Study Packet #2 Algebra I

    Study Packet #3 Algebra II


    Writing Sample Instructions:  

    Completing the writing sample will take two hours and can be done remotely.  Once completed, the writing faculty at UAA will assess the sample and determine which writing class is best for the student.  Email Kim Griffis (  requesting the writing sample link.   


    Students qualify for the AMCS program with one of the following UAA placement test scores:

    • Math - ALEKS ≥ 30 or
    • Writing – Writing Sample (WRTG A111 or WRTG A111/ALP) or Accuplacer ≥ 530 or WRTG A111

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