• Step 5:  Receive an Invitation to Join AMCS or Notice on Non-Admittance


    You will receive an email that will either invite you to join the AMCS program or give Notice of Non-Admittance.  If you receive an invitation, you must respond to the email within 72 hours and indicate you are accepting or declining enrollment into AMCS. 

    If you receive a Notice of Non-Admittance, you did not meet the criteria to enter the program.  The AMCS Team encourages all students to reapply to the program after improving the areas which did not meet the criteria.

    Are you transferring from another school district? You will need to complete enrollment into the Anchorage School District and must supply an out-of-district transcript.  Please contact the AMCS registrar at (907) 742-8908 or (907) 742-8900 or AMCS@asdk12.org.


    Next Step:  UAA Initial Appointment and Email AMCS Counselor